Dec 20, 2006

Back from somewhere

Was on hiatus for awhile because I went out to much and either forgot or was too tired to update my blog. Since I've forgotten most of stuff, I'll just summarize these few days events into a single post.

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First thing first; gathering! Yupyup, we've finally manage to drag most people out and join us for dinner at a small cafe. It's nice to keep in touch with friends that we don't meet often.

One friend commented that when we finally join the workforce, we won't have time to gather anymore, what with work and family commitment ;_; Thats why we should take every opportunity that comes our way and cherish the moment spent together.

Although my mom destroyed the mood by keep calling me to buy her KFC.

Oh yeah, Sam came with Lovable Lance. Some of us were curious about him, and started to bombard him with questions. Overall Lance is quite a nice dude. You're lucky Sam XD

Also pity the cafe. We're a troublesome and noisy group to handle.

Back at home the next day. My older brother just bought himself a new laptop, and task me to do his bidding o_O Need to install the OS, drivers and application programs on the new lappy. Of course I did most of the work. So my little brother and I played around with it, like taking pictures(lappy got camera) and writing silly readme.

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If giving life to a laptop isn't enough, I'm task to save the old family computer from virus. No computer connected to the internet is safe I tell you! Used some free antivirus and anti-spyware software. Well, it won't clean 100%, but it works. Brother promise to pay me with cold hard cash! XDXD

My latest attempt in being nice this year is to limit the use of pirated software.

(Which doesn't work actually)

It doesn't stop there. The next day went balik kampung. My mother's cousin's daughter is getting married. After that crash my aunty's house. Mum and dad was dead tired. After that visit another aunty's house who has yet again move into a new house. Her daughter(my cousin) just came back from London.

This means chocolates! And frankfurter! Auntie just love to spoil us with frankfurter every time we visit her! X9

For meat lovers only. Picture from stock.xchng

Aiiiee, I wanted to visit Comic Fiesta but it looks like I'll miss it yet again this year.

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