Nov 6, 2006

Sunday Dinner

Well, after some misadventure with forgotten quiz, test, assignment and meals, I am finally free from class, all thanks to study week

Aikido grading last Sunday. I had to attend a dinner the same day too. God I was so exhausted that dinner wasn't as interesting as a good night sleep.

But of course, Reiki still loves food, and everyone commented that I look 'berselera' eating (^^);; Our table was the most 'tak malu' one; We were the first to ask for seconds serving, we asked for more servings shortly after that, and even opt to 'steal' some foods from other table o_O!

I did took some pictures, but since there was not much lighting, the pictures turns out blurry and bad. Until I learn how to use Photoshop, you wouldn't get any from me XP

My eyes are tired from playing games too much...


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