Nov 27, 2006

Show some Manner Please!


Have you ever get pissed by some stranger because he jump/cut queues? How about some dude who talks loudly on his cellphone at public places. Or some lady who scowls at you for being polite or abiding the rules?

Of course, no matter what we hear from foreigner tourists about how polite, friendly and courteous Malaysian are, I seldom find these sort of people. Maybe you can only find polite people near tourist attraction. Or maybe I'm stuck in a place where no tourist will visit.

I like going to KL(Kuala Lumpur) using the public transport. I do dislike the STAR/PUTRA/Monorail though. The door open and close too fast. Because of that, people rushes to get in and out of the LRT(Light rail transit). Once, I wanted to get out of the LRT but couldn't because of the swarm of people rushing in. Let us get out first then you'll have more space!

But there was this uncle who was nice and stern ^^ He shouted saying let people out first and even resorted to block the others from entering. +50 marks uncle! -10 marks to some makcik who force herself in.

I'm sure people who visits KL more often then the washroom have more stories to tell. Lets look closer at my place now. I find people who hog the corridor impolite. They walk in a group, talking and taking all the width with them. When a person comes from the opposite direction, none of them would shift to the back or front and let the other person pass.

This happens to me a few times. I had to stop to tell them to move it. Some of them will throw weird looks at me. Please, sharing is caring.

It might not be a big deal. It started small and doesn't bother you so much. But after having it repeated again and again, you'll get sick of it. I sure did.

Now, time to go and study~

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savante said...

That's because you are not orang putih. I guarantee they'll be nice if you're orang putih.

Reiki said...

Really? No wonder we keep getting priase by the orang putih. Coz they're nice people.

serena said...

I think what he means is that we, Malaysians tend to be somewhat only be polite to foreigners...which is weird and so fake >_> But within the crowd, there's always someone with the right heart at the right place.

Sam said...



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