Nov 9, 2006

My 2006 Resolution

Alice-chan in a pinch

Just like Alice-chan from Aria, I didn't succeed in my resolution yesterday, or today for the matter.

I have exams next week. I'm supposed to study this week. But no, I haven't done a single reading. I've been told off by my friend and sis, yet here I am watching The Third- Aoi Hitomi no Shojo, amaze with Bogie's awesomeness. Oh man, a flying tank is so cool!

*Ahem!*Back to topic; I haven't succeed in most of my resolution. I postpone my work, did my project last minute, forgot to take out the trash and do the laundry, didn't do this, didn't do that... Well, it’s starting to bug me now. So I was wondering, what should I do so I may stay focus? How do you guys study during study week? What is your preparation for exams?

God knows that Reiki rarely study. Oh heck, go ask my fellow friends and colleagues. And they ask me how I study... Of course I don't. That's how I flunk my papers each time o_O

I'll try putting more effort, but even that will tire me easily. Maybe I should buy a power-bar for starters...


serena said...

Good luck for your exams! Ganbarimasu! LoL, you're not the only one, I'm a procastinator and a lazee bum at that X_x

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