Nov 15, 2006

Hoping Like a Kangaroos


Sennheiser MX400

*Ahem*Well lets talk about Kangaroos. I mention that I won't buy anymore stuff online. Well, I just receive my Sennheiser MX400 on Monday ^o^ I can just ask my dad to bank in the money than repay him later XD

Took quite a while for this item to arrive. Probably because I live in rural area(LOL!). Poslaju, Skynet and GDex comes here more often than Kangaroo courier.

Speaking of the item itself, I'm pretty impress with it. The music is much louder and has more bass in it. The earphones also feels lighter. Better than my Sony and cheapo Philips earphones. By the way, both the Senn and Sony earphones has similiar designs o_O.

Tokyopop is tasteless and offensive?

I can't remember what was Tokyopop's address so I Google it, and lo and behold, the Company Policy kicks in o_O It was just a Google search...

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