Nov 23, 2006

Autumn Sleepiness

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Or is it winter already o_O? Staying in a country like Malaysia means no fall or winter, just summer all year around with the occasional thunderstorm.

I still have 2 more papers to go, but due to some unknown reason, I have a week gap before my next paper o_O

Eh, so what to do to fill in all those free time? Here is my list of things that I'll do when I'm too free;
  • Stay in the library. The only place that the merciless heat can't reach(except during blackouts). The air-conditioner is turned on full blast all the time. Not to mention the only place I can surf the internet without Mr. Company Violation ruining my fun. Also a nice and cozy place to fall asleep.
  • Do some cleaning. This can be the room, the trash, laundry, the computer, or sorting and deleting all the junks that i manage to accumulate inside the hard disk. The last one is the easiest to do.
  • Messing with the PC. It's always fun to try out new stuff. What better(and cheaper) way than trying out freewares? Just make sure the recovery disk is nearby.
  • Watch videos. Not many people share stuff that I'm interested in. I just manage to find some direct download, and have been going to the library everyday(since study week) to download it. Then go back to my room to watch it. Yes, the library is my second home~
  • Play games. Nothing beats playing games and let it sucks your life away over and over again~
  • Sleep. When all else fails, just crash onto the bed and shut your eyes. Hopefully you'll fall asleep soon after. And pray you WILL raise again >_<
Well, that wasn't enlightening at all. Maybe having too much free time freezes my brain altogether, since it doesn't know what to do XP

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Sam said...

Poor thing. How much longer before you get to go home?

Reiki said...

... are u tyring to be sarcastic o_O?

Well, I'll be back by Saturday this week, whee~

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