Oct 19, 2006

Short-term Freedom

Yea~ I finally manage to hand in my project today! Of course being Reiki means that many obstacles blocking my path to my ultimate goal.

See that girl? She's rushing to hand in her report, just like me ^_^

Had to actually stay up till 5a.m. to finish part of the documentation. Skipped 2 class because I couldn't wake up, and because I haven't done any revision for my 2 test today... Gah!!! o_O!

Thank goodness 2 afternoon classes were canceled, so I can finish the documentation and print it out. Since me and a friend was so excited about the coming holiday, we took some picture, for memories. It's not like we're graduating any soon, and the weather was really bad too. It rained when I wanted to go out and buy some food to buka puasa >.>

Sitting in front of the library
Waiting for the bus to go home?

I'm getting really excited coz I'm going back home tomorrow XDXD The festive season is nearing, and I'll get my chance fasting together with my family. Can bug my parents to buys food for buka later on, kekekek.

Happy holiday everyone!


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