Oct 18, 2006

Lucky? Who Knows

Oh dang, I manage to slept through today lectures without getting caught. Amazing eh? But my lecturer wants to have another replacement class yet again. Dang, I need to finish my project before tomorrow. I also have 2 tests tomorrow. *faints*

Ah well, at least something good happen this week. Apparently I got picked for a lucky draw and won myself a hamper. Yay~ In all my lifetime, I think this is the first time I manage to won a hamper, *sniff!*

Of course, it wasn't all fine and dandy. I receive the message stating I won the gift at around 12 o'clock. They asked me to come and picked it up before 2p.m. >.> Do you know how hot the weather was o_O?! Also, during the simple photo-shoot session, they committee member keep passing the camera because they want to get into the picture too, lol.

Of course, my Aikido senpai saw me walking out of the hall carrying the hamper, and threaten me to share the stuff with the other members tomorrow. Wuwu, woe is me...

Do you think I'm lucky or just plain sucky?

For all I know, I'm sleepy and going to sleep now.



serena said...

Congrats! >w< Think of it as an early raya present? haha XD

Reiki said...

Raya present? Then I rather receive Duit Raya! Lol XDXD

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