Oct 16, 2006

Hazzy Days

Aside from Malaysia getting harass by the haze yet again, I find my mind clouded by mist, despair and blurr-ness @_@

Old campus parking area

Ehh, its pretty hazy here too. Last year my throat got infected when the poisonous cloud hit the local shore. Also, some of the pictures I took aren’t so nice, since you can't see the sun. So now I'm hoping for the rain to come. Then it'll wash away the haze AND my motivation to go to class. Ahhh, sleeping in bed when it's raining outside... Such bliss...

Why despair? Well, it's the week to hand in the project report. I manage to hand in 1 report today in the nick of time. Since the university has decided to use their budget to build more road bumper, I decided to take my time and walk all the way to the campus and hand in the report. Then it's another walk to class. I only attend 1 class today, and came 1hour late. Kekekek...

Ehh, I'm becoming more blur nowadays, and I haven't touched any instant noodle these few weeks o_O! Maybe it's all those Mirinda and 100plus that I've been drinking, lol. Anyway, I forgot where I park the car for the 3rd time >.> I forgot how much I spend at the grocery shop, and I forgot where my class is held. Also my hearing ability is going bad. I don't understand what my friends says most of the time, and I can't see the projector during lecture @__@

Think it's time to change my glasses B-)

Ahh, waiting patiently for vacation to come. But I'll only stay at home for 1 week or less. Bummer. Must make a to-do list later. Hopefully I won't forget about it >_<


Sam said...

Hazy is spelt H-A-Z-Y.

No double Zs.

Reiki said...

Oh darn, the poison really got to me @__@ *coughcough*

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