Oct 30, 2006

Eid Mubarak 2006(Part 2)

Continuation from previous post, I manage to held a small open house for my friend. Well, a little tired now so I'll just post dome pictures. Maybe I should start a photoblog XP But nah, I'm not qualified enough, ngeh.

Nasi himpit, rendang and kuah kacang
Nasi himpit, rendang & kuah kacang

Reiki raya open house
Everyone is oblivious of the green liquid o_O


Sam said...

Ooooh... nice nice food. =P

serena said...

Green? What green? Me took no green drink. muahahaha~

Reiki said...

coz u 'eat' green stuff, sheepy (^o^)

The Searcher said...

the green stuff looks like something from star wars, or perhaps some alien movie..... urrrghhh

Reiki said...

Haha, no worry. No matter where it comes from, none of my friend complain of stomach-ache.

..Or maybe they're hiding the facts from me o_O!!!

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