Oct 28, 2006

Eid Mubarak 2006(Part 1)

I'm suddenly back at Perak o_O Time flies so fast, or I don't get enough vacation days...

Selamat hari Raya Aidilfitri
Happy Eid Mubarak to all fellow muslims!

As I have mention in my previous post, I had to help my mom baked some cookies. This process was repeated till Aidilfitri starts >_<

It all started when dad ask mom to bake some Kueh Bahulu. We haven't made any since I left high school, so mom had a hard time trying to get the mixture right. The first batch was a failure, so my mom adds more flour. That made the second batch too hard. So on to the third batch, that was left unattended for a while (we were making murukku at the same time) and got burned. In the end, we made some more batches until late night (we started in the morning).

My main job was to sit at the mixer and control the machine's speed. The poor thing was worked to the limits and actually screams in pain when it was running too long. Oh, we only let it rest for 2 minutes when the machine scream.

Baking plain old vanilla cake in the rice cooker
Baking plain old vanilla cake in the rice cooker~

The next day we have to baked more cakes and cook rendang. Why oh why did mom decide to bake 3 kueh lapis(layer cake) o_O?!?! Anyway, my mom was already feeling exhausted (she already baked other cookies before I came back) and told me to take care of the rendang for the time being. Poor mom, she always goes over her limits to do things. Like making too many biscuit for Raya >_< It’s hard enough to make it, who’s gonna finish all those cookies??

The layer cake mixture before being colored
Gonna color it in red, green and yellow~

Preparation to make the kueh lapis started in the morning, but we finish baking those cakes 3a.m. the next day o_O!!! ZOMG, my maid was lying on the floor, sleeping, while me and my mom was just besides her, sitting near the oven.

Painful layer cake
Stayed till 3a.m. to make this one...

Really mom, next time, just make the steamed layer cake. It's the most delicious one X9 (not to mention the least troublesome to make).


Sam said...

Wei wei wei... teach me how to make kueh lapis! I love that kueh!

serena said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you so muvh for inviting us over to sample to delicious food >w< Home made FTW! Your mum and kakak have my respect, for being able to make so many and all of them so yummy XD

Reiki said...

Hey, dont 4 get me! Lol!

How to make kurh lapis? We just followed the instruction in the magazine ^^ I'll ask my mom which magazine later, ya?

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