Oct 30, 2006

Eid Mubarak 2006(Part 2)

Continuation from previous post, I manage to held a small open house for my friend. Well, a little tired now so I'll just post dome pictures. Maybe I should start a photoblog XP But nah, I'm not qualified enough, ngeh.

Nasi himpit, rendang and kuah kacang
Nasi himpit, rendang & kuah kacang

Reiki raya open house
Everyone is oblivious of the green liquid o_O

Oct 28, 2006

Eid Mubarak 2006(Part 1)

I'm suddenly back at Perak o_O Time flies so fast, or I don't get enough vacation days...

Selamat hari Raya Aidilfitri
Happy Eid Mubarak to all fellow muslims!

As I have mention in my previous post, I had to help my mom baked some cookies. This process was repeated till Aidilfitri starts >_<

It all started when dad ask mom to bake some Kueh Bahulu. We haven't made any since I left high school, so mom had a hard time trying to get the mixture right. The first batch was a failure, so my mom adds more flour. That made the second batch too hard. So on to the third batch, that was left unattended for a while (we were making murukku at the same time) and got burned. In the end, we made some more batches until late night (we started in the morning).

My main job was to sit at the mixer and control the machine's speed. The poor thing was worked to the limits and actually screams in pain when it was running too long. Oh, we only let it rest for 2 minutes when the machine scream.

Baking plain old vanilla cake in the rice cooker
Baking plain old vanilla cake in the rice cooker~

The next day we have to baked more cakes and cook rendang. Why oh why did mom decide to bake 3 kueh lapis(layer cake) o_O?!?! Anyway, my mom was already feeling exhausted (she already baked other cookies before I came back) and told me to take care of the rendang for the time being. Poor mom, she always goes over her limits to do things. Like making too many biscuit for Raya >_< It’s hard enough to make it, who’s gonna finish all those cookies??

The layer cake mixture before being colored
Gonna color it in red, green and yellow~

Preparation to make the kueh lapis started in the morning, but we finish baking those cakes 3a.m. the next day o_O!!! ZOMG, my maid was lying on the floor, sleeping, while me and my mom was just besides her, sitting near the oven.

Painful layer cake
Stayed till 3a.m. to make this one...

Really mom, next time, just make the steamed layer cake. It's the most delicious one X9 (not to mention the least troublesome to make).

Oct 21, 2006

Raya Prologue: A Little Teaser

Finally got back home. This is what I, my mom and the maid did the night before;

Hidden Mickey
I see a hidden Mickey!

Gold nugget found!
Gold nugget found!

Really mom, maybe we should just sell all those cookies by the roadside...

Oct 19, 2006

Short-term Freedom

Yea~ I finally manage to hand in my project today! Of course being Reiki means that many obstacles blocking my path to my ultimate goal.

See that girl? She's rushing to hand in her report, just like me ^_^

Had to actually stay up till 5a.m. to finish part of the documentation. Skipped 2 class because I couldn't wake up, and because I haven't done any revision for my 2 test today... Gah!!! o_O!

Thank goodness 2 afternoon classes were canceled, so I can finish the documentation and print it out. Since me and a friend was so excited about the coming holiday, we took some picture, for memories. It's not like we're graduating any soon, and the weather was really bad too. It rained when I wanted to go out and buy some food to buka puasa >.>

Sitting in front of the library
Waiting for the bus to go home?

I'm getting really excited coz I'm going back home tomorrow XDXD The festive season is nearing, and I'll get my chance fasting together with my family. Can bug my parents to buys food for buka later on, kekekek.

Happy holiday everyone!

Oct 18, 2006

Lucky? Who Knows

Oh dang, I manage to slept through today lectures without getting caught. Amazing eh? But my lecturer wants to have another replacement class yet again. Dang, I need to finish my project before tomorrow. I also have 2 tests tomorrow. *faints*

Ah well, at least something good happen this week. Apparently I got picked for a lucky draw and won myself a hamper. Yay~ In all my lifetime, I think this is the first time I manage to won a hamper, *sniff!*

Of course, it wasn't all fine and dandy. I receive the message stating I won the gift at around 12 o'clock. They asked me to come and picked it up before 2p.m. >.> Do you know how hot the weather was o_O?! Also, during the simple photo-shoot session, they committee member keep passing the camera because they want to get into the picture too, lol.

Of course, my Aikido senpai saw me walking out of the hall carrying the hamper, and threaten me to share the stuff with the other members tomorrow. Wuwu, woe is me...

Do you think I'm lucky or just plain sucky?

For all I know, I'm sleepy and going to sleep now.


Oct 16, 2006

Hazzy Days

Aside from Malaysia getting harass by the haze yet again, I find my mind clouded by mist, despair and blurr-ness @_@

Old campus parking area

Ehh, its pretty hazy here too. Last year my throat got infected when the poisonous cloud hit the local shore. Also, some of the pictures I took aren’t so nice, since you can't see the sun. So now I'm hoping for the rain to come. Then it'll wash away the haze AND my motivation to go to class. Ahhh, sleeping in bed when it's raining outside... Such bliss...

Why despair? Well, it's the week to hand in the project report. I manage to hand in 1 report today in the nick of time. Since the university has decided to use their budget to build more road bumper, I decided to take my time and walk all the way to the campus and hand in the report. Then it's another walk to class. I only attend 1 class today, and came 1hour late. Kekekek...

Ehh, I'm becoming more blur nowadays, and I haven't touched any instant noodle these few weeks o_O! Maybe it's all those Mirinda and 100plus that I've been drinking, lol. Anyway, I forgot where I park the car for the 3rd time >.> I forgot how much I spend at the grocery shop, and I forgot where my class is held. Also my hearing ability is going bad. I don't understand what my friends says most of the time, and I can't see the projector during lecture @__@

Think it's time to change my glasses B-)

Ahh, waiting patiently for vacation to come. But I'll only stay at home for 1 week or less. Bummer. Must make a to-do list later. Hopefully I won't forget about it >_<

Oct 13, 2006

Fall Sleepyness

Well of course I know there’s no fall season in Malaysia, but it's so cold today that I spend most of my time sleeping blissfully~

Then I had to attend some adjunct lecture. Darn...

Even cats gets brain freeze, I think...

Things have slowed down these few days. Waiting for Aidilfitri to come. Hoping to get my hands on new anime, mangas and such. With all the hectic schedule, sometime I wonder if I will ever grew up and be more mature, like real working adult.

I say working since I want to earn money as soon as possible. I read through others people blogs, mostly those that are already working. It's nice reading their writing, learning what they do in their daily life. Ahhh, I'm fantasizing again...

Well, random post till the rain stops. I'm feeling sleepy already, *yawn*

Oct 4, 2006

Too much, and It Ain't About Food

Gah! I'm running out of time! This Friday I'll need to hand in a report. Next week theres 2 report that needs to be submitted. And then I realize I still haven't email my lecturer the programming assignment since last Monday @__@

So hectic. I envy people who took 4 subject for each sem, unlike me, 6. But then, I have longer sem-break(after final exam), which is probably 6 or 7 weeks. So yeah, you win some you lose some.

But I still prefer my lecturer to have mercy on us...

*sigh* I can't find the time to blog anymore. Maybe when It's near Aidilfirti, but then, test are coming during that week...

ZOMG, I don't even have time to lookup wikipedia and insert some links, demmit!