Sep 11, 2006

Vacations Means More Projects?!

Aisey, I remembered that I have more than 3 projects that needs be done while I'm on mid-semester break.

Has everyone gone crazy?!

As usual, I'm still having problem trying to get the modem away from my brother. Somehow, he sounds like those lawyers that are very smart at twisting facts. So smart that you found out that your house has switch title a little too late.

Mom took us out for another treat. But before that, stop by KLCC to pick up some books, which is Ouran High School Host Club vol. 7 and Magical & Miracle vol. 2. Dang, I wished Satoshi appears in the anime. Then we can see Chika-chan cry more. Kawaii~

Watermelon advertisment
Watermelon advertisment

Okay, back to the food. Mom wanted to go to Eastin hotel again, but they were fully booked. So we went to Hilton PJ instead. The ambience and environment was really nice. Too day the food variety was too little. Eastin had more food X9 And we sat there for just awhile, since my little bro has tuition afterward.

Salty Chicken Rice
Salty chicken rice

I find that Hilton cafe's food is just plain SALTY! ZOMG, try putting a tiny drop of kicap (soy sauce) onto your chicken rice. Woah, no wonder they didn't include the soup. The rice is a bit wet anyway. The whole dish was nice, but still, too salty. Blood pressure rising up.

Vanilla ice-cream
Vanilla ice-cream

Of course, ice-cream is compulsory X9 But then, someone left the ice-cream box wide open, and the ice-cream melted ;__; Thank goodness it still taste nice&sweet X9

Just another 4 or 5 days here. I need to finish my assignment soon. So lazy...


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