Sep 10, 2006

Suddenly Back Home

Yes! I'm finally back home! I had 6 test in just 5 days o_O All my lecturers have the same reason; "It's easier for me to mark your paper during mid-sem break" @__@

Chinese Fried Rice
Consuming food can relieve stress X9

I would have post some update, if it wasn’t for 1) So many test that I spend time studying or sleeping to relief stress or 2) darn internet service down AND blackout o_O ZOMG, the light went off yesterday, when I was about to enjoy my (short-lived)freedom. My last test ended at 7p.m. on Friday -__-

Ah well, nothing new or exciting. I'm quite shocked that my brother is still at home. Noooooo, my broadband privileges.... Thankfully, dad wanted to us the power outlet his computer was using, so I took the opportunity to take the modem, kukuku...

Also, why does it always rain whenever it's time for me to go back to my hometown o_O Sheesh...

By the way, the picture above showed what i had for lunch 2 days ago; Nasi Goreng Cina ^o^


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