Sep 1, 2006

Random Thought: Chapter 3

Been trying to login into my email and Blogger. The internet being a major pain-in-the-neck for 3 days straight.

A little late but who cares; MERDEKA! to all my fellow Malaysian ^__^ Just 1 more week and midsem break will arrive~ Looking forward to going back home~

But before that I need to take midsem test first. Darn, spoil my fun only...

Chicken chop
Dang, this chicken chop is shiny. Very tempting :drools:

I'm still in post-Convofair fever. So my food intake seems to be higher than usual these days o_O My diet includes instant noodle/ramen and a bit of western food, like chicken chop X9 Although I have been cutting down on rice, I tend to grab more meat, like sausages X9 I'm gaining weight again...

In a week, I need to attend 5 labs. The good thing about having labs every day is that I get the chance to download stuff. The bad thing is that I have assignment due next week, every week -__-;;

Pointless rambling while my brain is recovering from consuming to much instant noodle. I blame the cafeteria for pricing the food too expansive, kekek...


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