Sep 18, 2006

It's Hot in Here

Bah! Back to college I go. It was so short that I didn't do anything meaningful during break o_O But it seems that problems were just starting to appear...

My LCD monitor broke down while I was doing some work o_O Imagine my horror when suddenly the screen went totally blank. After several failed attempt to revive the monitor, I went and search my mom's old LCD monitor. Only, I couldn't find it.

No choice, I went and took my backup fat CRT monitor that was connected to the family computer. So that computer can't be used anymore since it has no display.

Turn out that someone borrowed mom's monitor and forgot to give it back >.> So I switch my CRT with my brother's LCD for awhile. I'll have 2 tolerate with the small screen for now ;__;

If that wasn't enough, my case fan failed for I don't know how long. Probably when I was still at home. It didn't gave any problems since my room was air-conned, but here at my hostel room, I almost fried my hard disk o_O Because of that, I can't use the pc for too long, or it'll get fried again. Now I have to go and buy a new fan for it.

I want to upgrade my computer, but I don't have any money. Woe is me...


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