Sep 28, 2006

Finally, It Start Again

Just when you think it's over, something else pops-out of nowhere...

Yeaa~ I finally replaced my faulty case fan, now my hardisk won't fried again ^^

Last week, my group manage to send in our porject report just in time. Now we have to come out with the actual working program and present it to my lecturer @_@ I also have another, say, 5 more projects and assignment that needs to be done. :dies:

Ah well, since I was free yesterday, I went and took some pictures. Here's for you guys who can't come to Tronoh here with me.
Hostel block
To the cafe

A friend of mine celebrated her boyfriend's birthday today. Thankfully she gave me this last piece. Yummy!
Icecream cake!

On another note, how's everyone during the fasting season? It's easier for me to feel cold nowadays, but I will do my best! Ganbatte~!


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