Sep 28, 2006

Finally, It Start Again

Just when you think it's over, something else pops-out of nowhere...

Yeaa~ I finally replaced my faulty case fan, now my hardisk won't fried again ^^

Last week, my group manage to send in our porject report just in time. Now we have to come out with the actual working program and present it to my lecturer @_@ I also have another, say, 5 more projects and assignment that needs to be done. :dies:

Ah well, since I was free yesterday, I went and took some pictures. Here's for you guys who can't come to Tronoh here with me.
Hostel block
To the cafe

A friend of mine celebrated her boyfriend's birthday today. Thankfully she gave me this last piece. Yummy!
Icecream cake!

On another note, how's everyone during the fasting season? It's easier for me to feel cold nowadays, but I will do my best! Ganbatte~!

Sep 23, 2006

Ramadhan is Coming~

Somebody is leaving...

Happy fasting everyone!!!

Sep 18, 2006

It's Hot in Here

Bah! Back to college I go. It was so short that I didn't do anything meaningful during break o_O But it seems that problems were just starting to appear...

My LCD monitor broke down while I was doing some work o_O Imagine my horror when suddenly the screen went totally blank. After several failed attempt to revive the monitor, I went and search my mom's old LCD monitor. Only, I couldn't find it.

No choice, I went and took my backup fat CRT monitor that was connected to the family computer. So that computer can't be used anymore since it has no display.

Turn out that someone borrowed mom's monitor and forgot to give it back >.> So I switch my CRT with my brother's LCD for awhile. I'll have 2 tolerate with the small screen for now ;__;

If that wasn't enough, my case fan failed for I don't know how long. Probably when I was still at home. It didn't gave any problems since my room was air-conned, but here at my hostel room, I almost fried my hard disk o_O Because of that, I can't use the pc for too long, or it'll get fried again. Now I have to go and buy a new fan for it.

I want to upgrade my computer, but I don't have any money. Woe is me...

Sep 11, 2006

Vacations Means More Projects?!

Aisey, I remembered that I have more than 3 projects that needs be done while I'm on mid-semester break.

Has everyone gone crazy?!

As usual, I'm still having problem trying to get the modem away from my brother. Somehow, he sounds like those lawyers that are very smart at twisting facts. So smart that you found out that your house has switch title a little too late.

Mom took us out for another treat. But before that, stop by KLCC to pick up some books, which is Ouran High School Host Club vol. 7 and Magical & Miracle vol. 2. Dang, I wished Satoshi appears in the anime. Then we can see Chika-chan cry more. Kawaii~

Watermelon advertisment
Watermelon advertisment

Okay, back to the food. Mom wanted to go to Eastin hotel again, but they were fully booked. So we went to Hilton PJ instead. The ambience and environment was really nice. Too day the food variety was too little. Eastin had more food X9 And we sat there for just awhile, since my little bro has tuition afterward.

Salty Chicken Rice
Salty chicken rice

I find that Hilton cafe's food is just plain SALTY! ZOMG, try putting a tiny drop of kicap (soy sauce) onto your chicken rice. Woah, no wonder they didn't include the soup. The rice is a bit wet anyway. The whole dish was nice, but still, too salty. Blood pressure rising up.

Vanilla ice-cream
Vanilla ice-cream

Of course, ice-cream is compulsory X9 But then, someone left the ice-cream box wide open, and the ice-cream melted ;__; Thank goodness it still taste nice&sweet X9

Just another 4 or 5 days here. I need to finish my assignment soon. So lazy...

Sep 10, 2006

Suddenly Back Home

Yes! I'm finally back home! I had 6 test in just 5 days o_O All my lecturers have the same reason; "It's easier for me to mark your paper during mid-sem break" @__@

Chinese Fried Rice
Consuming food can relieve stress X9

I would have post some update, if it wasn’t for 1) So many test that I spend time studying or sleeping to relief stress or 2) darn internet service down AND blackout o_O ZOMG, the light went off yesterday, when I was about to enjoy my (short-lived)freedom. My last test ended at 7p.m. on Friday -__-

Ah well, nothing new or exciting. I'm quite shocked that my brother is still at home. Noooooo, my broadband privileges.... Thankfully, dad wanted to us the power outlet his computer was using, so I took the opportunity to take the modem, kukuku...

Also, why does it always rain whenever it's time for me to go back to my hometown o_O Sheesh...

By the way, the picture above showed what i had for lunch 2 days ago; Nasi Goreng Cina ^o^

Sep 1, 2006

Random Thought: Chapter 3

Been trying to login into my email and Blogger. The internet being a major pain-in-the-neck for 3 days straight.

A little late but who cares; MERDEKA! to all my fellow Malaysian ^__^ Just 1 more week and midsem break will arrive~ Looking forward to going back home~

But before that I need to take midsem test first. Darn, spoil my fun only...

Chicken chop
Dang, this chicken chop is shiny. Very tempting :drools:

I'm still in post-Convofair fever. So my food intake seems to be higher than usual these days o_O My diet includes instant noodle/ramen and a bit of western food, like chicken chop X9 Although I have been cutting down on rice, I tend to grab more meat, like sausages X9 I'm gaining weight again...

In a week, I need to attend 5 labs. The good thing about having labs every day is that I get the chance to download stuff. The bad thing is that I have assignment due next week, every week -__-;;

Pointless rambling while my brain is recovering from consuming to much instant noodle. I blame the cafeteria for pricing the food too expansive, kekek...