Aug 7, 2006

Wasting Time For Lazyness

Noooo~ I don't want to study! I better find other things to do to waste time XP So I went and install random programs out of curiosity. Now I have lots of programs that I barely use -__-;;

Notepad++Since I'm an ICT student, my course includes programming subjects. I got tired of old Borland C++ crashing, and opt to use Notepad++ instead. Notice the small web banner on the sidebar? ^^ Notepad++ is a Notepad replacer and programming editor. It makes writing text and codes easier. Only problem is it's just an editor, so no compiler and debugger here. And I couldn't get bcc32 and javac to run properly from Notepad++. Though I don't mind using command prompt to compile ^^

Steganos lockNoteI'm getting paranoid these days. I keep thinking that the password I'm typing is being recorded. Also, I always have problems remembering my passwords. So much that I had to check click the "Forgot password?" link most of the times -__-. So I went and use Steganos LockNote. I keep all my password, username and links in there. I only have to remember the Master Password now ^^ Note that LockNote can keep any writen text that you do not wish others to see.

KeePassCurrently I'm trying out KeePass, a free, open-source and light-weight password manager. It has a nice interface is very simple to use. But I think I still prefer LockNote, since it is just Notepad with added password ^^. Just copy the username and password when needed.  While KeePass needs to be installed 1st, LockNote doesn't, making it portable.

PapelTo keep track of my fantasy/illusion/day-dream, I tried out Papel, an intuitieve workspace for creative writers(which I am not >-( ). Its a very simple programs for writers to pour out their thoughts and ideas. I'll continue to play around with this ^^ There are other similiar programs too, but I forgot the link.

menuAppLastly, I want a widescreen monitor, which obviously I couldn't afford. I used RKLauncher to run and open programs and file. The dock gets crowded with too many items from time to time. So I use menuApp, a little app that allows me to group my programs and folder into menus. Only problem is I don't get to show of those cute dock icons I found -__-;;

Maybe I should try a GIF animation next ^^

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