Aug 23, 2006

Me Blogging in Beta

My itchy hand when ahead and click the options to migrate to Blogger Beta ^^;; It looks nice, but there's tons of modification that needs to be done (>_<). If I'm too lazy you'll see me converting back to the old template ^^;; Also I can't wait to try out some of the new features, like post label XDXD

Ahh, I still have class after this. We're not supposed to have class in the afternoon on Wednesday, but my lecturer wants to replace lecture that she have canceled. So I need to attend class from 5-7pm o_O Huaaaah~~

I'm having problem logging into my Yahoo! account, so I can't check my emails and group message ;__; Not to mention today network is very lousy yet strange. I can't open any web pages except Blogger o_O

Looks like Blogger Beta will have to wait. *sigh*


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