Aug 18, 2006

It's Not Finish Yet!

Portfolio. Image from stock.zchng.Today is the last day to submit the proposal. My friend gave me the compiled proposal and I need to edit it. Then we realize we're missing 1 whole sub-topic o_O Poor girl, she had to run all the way back 2 her room and get the missing topic. But don't worry; she receive a gold medal in the track sports, so she came back in a jiffy ^^

So its back to editing. I went ahead and add all sort of stuff, and the proposal reach 14 pages o_O I think my lecturer was only expecting 5 pages. Oh dear...

Finally, had to include the intro, appendix and cover page. Thank goodness to patience, we manage to hand-in our, yeaaa~~ \(^o^)/

A big "Thank You!!" to everyone who helped me with the project. Keep those input coming in, because the battle haven't finish yet XD Next, we really need to create the website o_O

Gah, there's some problems with the ATOM feeds, so no powered by performancing firefox here -___-;;


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