Aug 12, 2006

I'll Put It On Hold

Blackout again this morning. Thank goodness I was too lazy to get out of bed and turn the pc on XD

Crumpled paper, Image from stock.zchng
This semester is hard. Almost all courses have announced the project(s) that needs to be done. My group team need to send a proposal next week and we haven't done anything yet -__-;; Everytime it's always the same; we manage to finish and send the assignment the last minute. Most of us will be sleep deprive by that time.

So much work that needs to be done, so little time. Put in the fact that we tend to put works on hold, and you'll get a half-baked paper that I'm sure the lecturer won't mind throwing it out of the window o_O

To me, study and exam week is the only time I'll get enough sleep.

... Am I doing something wrong here...?

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