Aug 21, 2006

Get Angry and Old At the Same Time

In my previous post, I mention that my grandmother pass away on Wednesday. Well, it took my mom 3 days to update me with the news -__-;; She keep repeating to me "Jangan terkejut ye. Jangan terkejust ye."(Don't be suprisedx2).

The power went off again when I was watching Aria the Animation, darn it! My computer won't make it back for mid-semester break if this keeps up. A few seniors already have their power supply malfunctioning o_O Can't they at least give us a warning if they gonna pull the plug? I can always hear people screaming whenever blackout happens. It's only funny when my computer wasn't turned on that time.

I'm getting irritated these few days, since nothing seems to work, like bumping my head with an armrest. My lecturer didn't allow me and my friend form a group for a project, simply because she lost our member list. So all of us got kicked into random group. Another group was totally unsatisfied, and was demanding for valid reason and changes. The class becomes silent and moody afterward.

Fortunately, my last class was very nice. The lecturer ask us to join him and sing some fun Mexican song XDXD He even showed some clips, like the Citroen C4 transformer advertisement (^o^) (Too bad YouTube is blocked here XP) That just made my day XDXD Not to mention today's porridge was very nice X9

Oh, I heard that Blogger Beta is coming. Too bad I still can't migrate yet. It looks quite nice though ^^

That might explain why I keep getting an error trying to post using performancing firefox


Serena said...

My condolences about your grandma, Reiki >.< *huggles* She sounds like a wonderful lady, I'm sure she's watching over you and your family from above.

Ahh..the horrors of technology...>.> This once I had all my presentation done and ready for printing and pooh the darn notebook ran out of battery...grr...-_-; The trick is to save VERY frequently.

Reiki Longtime said...

Thanks bs ^^

Lol, yes, the only problem with technology is the power supply. Cant do anything if you dont have an ac power adapter or batteries o_O

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