Aug 27, 2006

End of Convofair 2006

Is what I should say, but I only went in the morning, overslept later and totally miss the Polis Diraja Malaysia K9 Show, demmit!

I'm gonna put more pictures than usually, so please wait patiently for your browser to load them ^^

Ah yes, the martial arts demonstration. I was hoping we won't do it, since Sensei wants us to roll around on the grass. My hair... My uniform... *sniff!* We were to stay in our designated area, but I went and invade the others, bumping into them. Not to mention I forgot to do 1 techniques o_O!

Am I glad it didn't last for 30 minutes -__-;; Unfortunately, I miss the free lunch. Nuuuuuuuu....

So I spend the morning make my last shopping rounds. Bought another kerepek, more drinks, and ayam golek X9 And darn, I didn't saw the smoothies stall before. The vanilla smoothies was nice and cheaper than the Coffee Bean one (^o^) . There are other events, like the Autoshow, K9 Demonstration, and Closing Ceremony. But I already went there for three days now, and my body decided to shut down from the afternoon till the evening -__-;;

Walk around and took some pictures. Darn, the resolution was set to large. I took less than a 100 pictures, and when I download to my computer, it almost took 200mb worth of space o_O .

Getting bored already? So go ahead and look at the pictures, taken with my sad photography skill and using my sad photoshopping skill -__-;;

Couple posing.

Committe at work?

Now serving smiles for free

Coloring contest

Taekwan-do demonstration

A&W food stall

My all time favorite snack

Tauke Kedai PC

With you, Palestine

Family at the field

Autoshow Pictures
Cute tiger plushieHello Kitty Pink CarHello Kitty Pink CarNice blue Hawaii-style carNice blue Hawaii-style carBring your nighmare along before xmas


Funna said...

haha.. =p comeynye pics tu..ahaa.. =p mknn pn syedap..nyam2..nti leh bwk camera baru g class eh..hehee...

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