Aug 3, 2006

Disconnected by Ignorance

*!WARNING!* This post contains selfish whining and complain. Avert you eyes from this low-level writing while you still can...
Back, after a few days of some sort of "network down" period. I don't quite understand my college inner-working and administration. I had to re-register my room internet port to use the internet. It was working fine for the 1st week. Strangely, it only affect my hostel block and on some particular floor. Almost everyone residing the same floor as me were affected, yet others on the higher floor has no problems. There was no annoucement whatsoever. I couldn't ask the technician at the counter though, since;
  • the technician's lunch hour was probably till 3 o’clock (I was there at 2.50pm) OR
  • there were too many redundant complain(peek at their complain form book) so they;
    • went to fix the problem, while leaving the counter unmanned OR
    • they had enough and decided to call it a day.
  • OR it was nature's call, for more than 15 minutes.

Although they did nicely left a small basket for students to put in their port registration form. Hmm, today is Thursday, so what should we call it? Tempting? Anyway, I'm still gonna continue ranting so just near with me ya ^^?

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I'm pretty sure they're having fun messing with us...

Sam just gave me this link on YouTube that I should see. So I showed the joke of the day to him. I told this story to my friend, which spark some interesting information. I couldn't access all sort of thing in my room and download anything bigger than 2mb, yet this restrictions doesn't exist when I use the lab's computer. How come? Here’s a hint; students are not the only one accessing the lab computers. There are others too, and they're probably not doing research for final year project. But of course, I'm just speculating. Everything could be lies...

When I was small, I wanted to become an adult fast, because adults can go to work and earn money, which I can then use to buy food and stuff. Now, I'm dreading to become an adult, because of the responsibilities, choices, temptation and corruption that will come. *sigh*

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