Aug 14, 2006

Disaster... Check!

There was a chess competition yesterday. It was going into the Malaysian Guinness Book of Record. People from all over Malaysia came, like those who represent Malaysia in an Italy competition, Chess Master, chess family and many others.

Of course I didn't join since I did not want to embarrass myself with my l4m3 skill, even if they gave me a certificate -__-;;

Chess army ready for battle(Picture not mine)
Chess army ready for battle

I heard that the even didn't go so smoothly. So many complains, like name not appearing (which always happens anyway), not enough table etc. The worse part was when some guy too the microphone shouting in the hall o_O People thought that he was a staff member/facilitator, which he is not, but people think so anyway. This is so embarrassing (-__-;)

Well, the event didn't go as smoothly as we all hope. Maybe they didn't have enough manpower, maybe they weren't prepared. Let's just remember this mistake so that we won't repeat it again (^_^)

Today was so-so. So the last class was canceled. Darn, put a notice or something then! Well, at least I was able to munch on some porridge so no biggie X9

NOTES: Picture above DOES NOT belong to me.

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