Aug 26, 2006

Convo Shopping

Oh gee. The Aikido club is supposed to do some demonstration tomorrow, so Sensei(my Aikido teacher/instructor) gathered us to do some training earlier this morning. I was included only because we didn't have enough people XP

Oh darn, my body hurts, even though we didn’t train seriously, since sensei was more interested in practicing his wrestling techniques with the boys *coughsgaygaycoughs*.

Two guys at Convo Fair
Close up scene during Convo Fair.

After training and some showering, I went straight to the Convo ground. First stop; Water! So thirsty! In just 2 hours, I manage to gulp down 3 cups of water; canned drinks not included o_O Survey around the place for stuff to buy.
  • I want the Petronas F1 t-shirt that was selling for 80% discount o_O! But I went there late, so most design and size were already sold out ;__;
  • A&W! I bough some chicken and nugget yesterday, so today it's the Cheeseburger Combo turn X9
  • Huhu, see the pictures? I just bough myself a a digital still camera XDXD Regrettably, I think I could have bought it cheaper at Lelong instead ;__;
  • Some of my friend opened some stall too. To support them, I bought some DVD+R ^^ I'm so nice, even though they always pester me to treat them >.>
  • Food!!! But my stomach was full with water, so I only bought a small pizza and packet of kerepek pisang(banana chips ) X9
Pizza X9
It was so hard to finish these...

Because of yesterday rain, the whole field is flooded with mud. My poor car is now covered with soft earth ;__; Not to mention my sandals. Wearing shoes help, but wearing long pants collect sands and hard mud -___-;;

Since I spend so much money in just 2 days, I won't be going back to the field to buy the chicken rice I've been eyeing since this afternoon ;__; I'll just go tomorrow, provided that my body is still in one piece after the demo tomorrow,,,


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