Aug 25, 2006

Convo~ Convo~

Rain drops. Image courtesy of stock.xchng.Convo Fair starts today~

But it starts to rain heavily after lunch o_O Not to mention the power went off again.

Another blackout. Great. Now I know that it happens at least once every week >.>

Oh well, I'm looking forward visiting the fair tonight, mostly because A&W is coming! X9 Lol, the only thing that’s good about the fair is the food. I'm hoping the some stuff to buy there too, like maybe a digital camera? I want to snap photos every now and then. I may consider a camera phone, but the price and pixels resolution turns me off -__-;;

I need to search for some candidates. If the deal is sweet, maybe I'll pick a camera phone, though I doubt it ^^;;

My head of program ask some guys to start an Open Source Club. Sounds great! XDXD I've been looking forward to use Linux operating system, but I'm a bit shy asking them for distro(short for distribution) ^^;; I want to try out Ubuntu and Kubuntu first. KDE looks great with all the eye candy, but I think GNOME is better for 1st timer ^^;;

I'll brag more about open source stuff when I finally dirty my hands with it. I'm hoping that the guys will open some booth and provide some distro cd. One poor guy ask for an Ubuntu cd and other distro supporter starts calling him "Buntu Fanboy", lol. (^o^)

*Buntu literally mean locked or closed in my language.


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