Aug 6, 2006

August New Look

Been spending time modifying this&that and trying out new software. I'm playing around because I don't want to do anything related to education XP My laziness has no limit. No wonder mommy always scolds me...

First stop, it's August, so its time for another desktop change! Blue-colored visual style is redundant, but I keep using it anyway. Since it looks nice and I have wallpapers that suits the theme. Also need to change RKLauncher theme, Samurize configs and some icons ^_^ I didn't use Styler this time since I couldn't find that fit the whole theme :'( Note: I do not own any of these programs, themes etc2. I'm just a leecher here XP
  • VS: Whiteflag link
  • RKLauncher: Crystal link
  • Samurize: MiniRig link
  • IconPackager: Vistapack mix with others
  • Firefox: Modern Modoki link
August desktop clean Another shot Foobar2k and Firefox

I ran Avedesk just for fun. Haven't played much with it. And Foobar2k need a new look. Too bad I suck at customizing it -__-;; Overall, its blue and simple B-)

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