Aug 27, 2006

End of Convofair 2006

Is what I should say, but I only went in the morning, overslept later and totally miss the Polis Diraja Malaysia K9 Show, demmit!

I'm gonna put more pictures than usually, so please wait patiently for your browser to load them ^^

Ah yes, the martial arts demonstration. I was hoping we won't do it, since Sensei wants us to roll around on the grass. My hair... My uniform... *sniff!* We were to stay in our designated area, but I went and invade the others, bumping into them. Not to mention I forgot to do 1 techniques o_O!

Am I glad it didn't last for 30 minutes -__-;; Unfortunately, I miss the free lunch. Nuuuuuuuu....

So I spend the morning make my last shopping rounds. Bought another kerepek, more drinks, and ayam golek X9 And darn, I didn't saw the smoothies stall before. The vanilla smoothies was nice and cheaper than the Coffee Bean one (^o^) . There are other events, like the Autoshow, K9 Demonstration, and Closing Ceremony. But I already went there for three days now, and my body decided to shut down from the afternoon till the evening -__-;;

Walk around and took some pictures. Darn, the resolution was set to large. I took less than a 100 pictures, and when I download to my computer, it almost took 200mb worth of space o_O .

Getting bored already? So go ahead and look at the pictures, taken with my sad photography skill and using my sad photoshopping skill -__-;;

Couple posing.

Committe at work?

Now serving smiles for free

Coloring contest

Taekwan-do demonstration

A&W food stall

My all time favorite snack

Tauke Kedai PC

With you, Palestine

Family at the field

Autoshow Pictures
Cute tiger plushieHello Kitty Pink CarHello Kitty Pink CarNice blue Hawaii-style carNice blue Hawaii-style carBring your nighmare along before xmas

Aug 26, 2006

Convo Shopping

Oh gee. The Aikido club is supposed to do some demonstration tomorrow, so Sensei(my Aikido teacher/instructor) gathered us to do some training earlier this morning. I was included only because we didn't have enough people XP

Oh darn, my body hurts, even though we didn’t train seriously, since sensei was more interested in practicing his wrestling techniques with the boys *coughsgaygaycoughs*.

Two guys at Convo Fair
Close up scene during Convo Fair.

After training and some showering, I went straight to the Convo ground. First stop; Water! So thirsty! In just 2 hours, I manage to gulp down 3 cups of water; canned drinks not included o_O Survey around the place for stuff to buy.
  • I want the Petronas F1 t-shirt that was selling for 80% discount o_O! But I went there late, so most design and size were already sold out ;__;
  • A&W! I bough some chicken and nugget yesterday, so today it's the Cheeseburger Combo turn X9
  • Huhu, see the pictures? I just bough myself a a digital still camera XDXD Regrettably, I think I could have bought it cheaper at Lelong instead ;__;
  • Some of my friend opened some stall too. To support them, I bought some DVD+R ^^ I'm so nice, even though they always pester me to treat them >.>
  • Food!!! But my stomach was full with water, so I only bought a small pizza and packet of kerepek pisang(banana chips ) X9
Pizza X9
It was so hard to finish these...

Because of yesterday rain, the whole field is flooded with mud. My poor car is now covered with soft earth ;__; Not to mention my sandals. Wearing shoes help, but wearing long pants collect sands and hard mud -___-;;

Since I spend so much money in just 2 days, I won't be going back to the field to buy the chicken rice I've been eyeing since this afternoon ;__; I'll just go tomorrow, provided that my body is still in one piece after the demo tomorrow,,,

Aug 25, 2006

Convo~ Convo~

Rain drops. Image courtesy of stock.xchng.Convo Fair starts today~

But it starts to rain heavily after lunch o_O Not to mention the power went off again.

Another blackout. Great. Now I know that it happens at least once every week >.>

Oh well, I'm looking forward visiting the fair tonight, mostly because A&W is coming! X9 Lol, the only thing that’s good about the fair is the food. I'm hoping the some stuff to buy there too, like maybe a digital camera? I want to snap photos every now and then. I may consider a camera phone, but the price and pixels resolution turns me off -__-;;

I need to search for some candidates. If the deal is sweet, maybe I'll pick a camera phone, though I doubt it ^^;;

My head of program ask some guys to start an Open Source Club. Sounds great! XDXD I've been looking forward to use Linux operating system, but I'm a bit shy asking them for distro(short for distribution) ^^;; I want to try out Ubuntu and Kubuntu first. KDE looks great with all the eye candy, but I think GNOME is better for 1st timer ^^;;

I'll brag more about open source stuff when I finally dirty my hands with it. I'm hoping that the guys will open some booth and provide some distro cd. One poor guy ask for an Ubuntu cd and other distro supporter starts calling him "Buntu Fanboy", lol. (^o^)

*Buntu literally mean locked or closed in my language.

Aug 23, 2006

Me Blogging in Beta

My itchy hand when ahead and click the options to migrate to Blogger Beta ^^;; It looks nice, but there's tons of modification that needs to be done (>_<). If I'm too lazy you'll see me converting back to the old template ^^;; Also I can't wait to try out some of the new features, like post label XDXD

Ahh, I still have class after this. We're not supposed to have class in the afternoon on Wednesday, but my lecturer wants to replace lecture that she have canceled. So I need to attend class from 5-7pm o_O Huaaaah~~

I'm having problem logging into my Yahoo! account, so I can't check my emails and group message ;__; Not to mention today network is very lousy yet strange. I can't open any web pages except Blogger o_O

Looks like Blogger Beta will have to wait. *sigh*

Aug 21, 2006

Get Angry and Old At the Same Time

In my previous post, I mention that my grandmother pass away on Wednesday. Well, it took my mom 3 days to update me with the news -__-;; She keep repeating to me "Jangan terkejut ye. Jangan terkejust ye."(Don't be suprisedx2).

The power went off again when I was watching Aria the Animation, darn it! My computer won't make it back for mid-semester break if this keeps up. A few seniors already have their power supply malfunctioning o_O Can't they at least give us a warning if they gonna pull the plug? I can always hear people screaming whenever blackout happens. It's only funny when my computer wasn't turned on that time.

I'm getting irritated these few days, since nothing seems to work, like bumping my head with an armrest. My lecturer didn't allow me and my friend form a group for a project, simply because she lost our member list. So all of us got kicked into random group. Another group was totally unsatisfied, and was demanding for valid reason and changes. The class becomes silent and moody afterward.

Fortunately, my last class was very nice. The lecturer ask us to join him and sing some fun Mexican song XDXD He even showed some clips, like the Citroen C4 transformer advertisement (^o^) (Too bad YouTube is blocked here XP) That just made my day XDXD Not to mention today's porridge was very nice X9

Oh, I heard that Blogger Beta is coming. Too bad I still can't migrate yet. It looks quite nice though ^^

That might explain why I keep getting an error trying to post using performancing firefox

Say A Little Prayer

My grandmother pass away peacefully on Wednesday, 16 August 2006. My mother said that she knew she was going away, and told the family. On the day of her death, it was raining. The rain help the grave-digger to digg her grave easily. And when she was buried there were lots of earth left.

Trully, she was devoted to her teachings til the very last day. How I regret not being able to be by her side, holding her hand and talking to her for the last time.

So I pray for God to bless her soul and enter heaven without any problem. I love you grandma.

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Aug 18, 2006

It's Not Finish Yet!

Portfolio. Image from stock.zchng.Today is the last day to submit the proposal. My friend gave me the compiled proposal and I need to edit it. Then we realize we're missing 1 whole sub-topic o_O Poor girl, she had to run all the way back 2 her room and get the missing topic. But don't worry; she receive a gold medal in the track sports, so she came back in a jiffy ^^

So its back to editing. I went ahead and add all sort of stuff, and the proposal reach 14 pages o_O I think my lecturer was only expecting 5 pages. Oh dear...

Finally, had to include the intro, appendix and cover page. Thank goodness to patience, we manage to hand-in our, yeaaa~~ \(^o^)/

A big "Thank You!!" to everyone who helped me with the project. Keep those input coming in, because the battle haven't finish yet XD Next, we really need to create the website o_O

Gah, there's some problems with the ATOM feeds, so no powered by performancing firefox here -___-;;

Aug 16, 2006

Survey for Project

Aisey, my proposal is due this week, and I barely done anything yet -__-;; basically, we're asked to create/revamp the university website.

Ehh, I personally don't like the website (and this project XP). The older one that was orange in color was better. The frame is too small, there’s too many wasted page, and not everyone knows how to use the index page -__-;; But that’s just me.

What do you guys think about the website? I'm doing some survey to know about other's thoughts. Any comments? Your help will be greatly appreciated (^o^) Thanks in advance!

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Aug 14, 2006

Disaster... Check!

There was a chess competition yesterday. It was going into the Malaysian Guinness Book of Record. People from all over Malaysia came, like those who represent Malaysia in an Italy competition, Chess Master, chess family and many others.

Of course I didn't join since I did not want to embarrass myself with my l4m3 skill, even if they gave me a certificate -__-;;

Chess army ready for battle(Picture not mine)
Chess army ready for battle

I heard that the even didn't go so smoothly. So many complains, like name not appearing (which always happens anyway), not enough table etc. The worse part was when some guy too the microphone shouting in the hall o_O People thought that he was a staff member/facilitator, which he is not, but people think so anyway. This is so embarrassing (-__-;)

Well, the event didn't go as smoothly as we all hope. Maybe they didn't have enough manpower, maybe they weren't prepared. Let's just remember this mistake so that we won't repeat it again (^_^)

Today was so-so. So the last class was canceled. Darn, put a notice or something then! Well, at least I was able to munch on some porridge so no biggie X9

NOTES: Picture above DOES NOT belong to me.

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Aug 12, 2006

I'll Put It On Hold

Blackout again this morning. Thank goodness I was too lazy to get out of bed and turn the pc on XD

Crumpled paper, Image from stock.zchng
This semester is hard. Almost all courses have announced the project(s) that needs to be done. My group team need to send a proposal next week and we haven't done anything yet -__-;; Everytime it's always the same; we manage to finish and send the assignment the last minute. Most of us will be sleep deprive by that time.

So much work that needs to be done, so little time. Put in the fact that we tend to put works on hold, and you'll get a half-baked paper that I'm sure the lecturer won't mind throwing it out of the window o_O

To me, study and exam week is the only time I'll get enough sleep.

... Am I doing something wrong here...?

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Aug 9, 2006

Where Did You Go?

Candle in the dark.Due to my lazy attitude, when critical events happen, I'm usually not prepared. Take today as example. I need to ring a few friends and realize that my hand phone’s credit has pass the due for more than a week -__-

This shows that I spend my time in solitude and ignorance. I feel lonely all of a sudden...

Fate knows how to make fun of you. Why does the net goes down every time I need to do my assignment? And it actually blackout when I was doing my work! No! No! No! My work... *sob!*

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Aug 7, 2006

Aiyak, Censored-ka?

I was reading Sam's blog when the net died on me. He was talking about censorship and stuff, so the 1st thing that came to mind was, "Uh-oh, did the administrator caught me reading objectionable material or what o_O?!"

Intolerance and Hate
I would have put another image if it weren't for this.

Lol, he blog about censorships in media such as movies, while I get banned from surfing some website -__-;; Quote form Sam;
"When you're in my house, you're under my rules and my control."

Which totally hit on the mark when it comes to the university's administration control over my web-surfing habit. This is in the name of education and education only, nothing else matters They're worried about my safety against the cruel and vicious reality...

Now where's my friend? I need my Nasi Goreng Pattaya now! *whines*

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Wasting Time For Lazyness

Noooo~ I don't want to study! I better find other things to do to waste time XP So I went and install random programs out of curiosity. Now I have lots of programs that I barely use -__-;;

Notepad++Since I'm an ICT student, my course includes programming subjects. I got tired of old Borland C++ crashing, and opt to use Notepad++ instead. Notice the small web banner on the sidebar? ^^ Notepad++ is a Notepad replacer and programming editor. It makes writing text and codes easier. Only problem is it's just an editor, so no compiler and debugger here. And I couldn't get bcc32 and javac to run properly from Notepad++. Though I don't mind using command prompt to compile ^^

Steganos lockNoteI'm getting paranoid these days. I keep thinking that the password I'm typing is being recorded. Also, I always have problems remembering my passwords. So much that I had to check click the "Forgot password?" link most of the times -__-. So I went and use Steganos LockNote. I keep all my password, username and links in there. I only have to remember the Master Password now ^^ Note that LockNote can keep any writen text that you do not wish others to see.

KeePassCurrently I'm trying out KeePass, a free, open-source and light-weight password manager. It has a nice interface is very simple to use. But I think I still prefer LockNote, since it is just Notepad with added password ^^. Just copy the username and password when needed.  While KeePass needs to be installed 1st, LockNote doesn't, making it portable.

PapelTo keep track of my fantasy/illusion/day-dream, I tried out Papel, an intuitieve workspace for creative writers(which I am not >-( ). Its a very simple programs for writers to pour out their thoughts and ideas. I'll continue to play around with this ^^ There are other similiar programs too, but I forgot the link.

menuAppLastly, I want a widescreen monitor, which obviously I couldn't afford. I used RKLauncher to run and open programs and file. The dock gets crowded with too many items from time to time. So I use menuApp, a little app that allows me to group my programs and folder into menus. Only problem is I don't get to show of those cute dock icons I found -__-;;

Maybe I should try a GIF animation next ^^

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Aug 6, 2006

August New Look

Been spending time modifying this&that and trying out new software. I'm playing around because I don't want to do anything related to education XP My laziness has no limit. No wonder mommy always scolds me...

First stop, it's August, so its time for another desktop change! Blue-colored visual style is redundant, but I keep using it anyway. Since it looks nice and I have wallpapers that suits the theme. Also need to change RKLauncher theme, Samurize configs and some icons ^_^ I didn't use Styler this time since I couldn't find that fit the whole theme :'( Note: I do not own any of these programs, themes etc2. I'm just a leecher here XP
  • VS: Whiteflag link
  • RKLauncher: Crystal link
  • Samurize: MiniRig link
  • IconPackager: Vistapack mix with others
  • Firefox: Modern Modoki link
August desktop clean Another shot Foobar2k and Firefox

I ran Avedesk just for fun. Haven't played much with it. And Foobar2k need a new look. Too bad I suck at customizing it -__-;; Overall, its blue and simple B-)

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Aug 3, 2006

Disconnected by Ignorance

*!WARNING!* This post contains selfish whining and complain. Avert you eyes from this low-level writing while you still can...
Back, after a few days of some sort of "network down" period. I don't quite understand my college inner-working and administration. I had to re-register my room internet port to use the internet. It was working fine for the 1st week. Strangely, it only affect my hostel block and on some particular floor. Almost everyone residing the same floor as me were affected, yet others on the higher floor has no problems. There was no annoucement whatsoever. I couldn't ask the technician at the counter though, since;
  • the technician's lunch hour was probably till 3 o’clock (I was there at 2.50pm) OR
  • there were too many redundant complain(peek at their complain form book) so they;
    • went to fix the problem, while leaving the counter unmanned OR
    • they had enough and decided to call it a day.
  • OR it was nature's call, for more than 15 minutes.

Although they did nicely left a small basket for students to put in their port registration form. Hmm, today is Thursday, so what should we call it? Tempting? Anyway, I'm still gonna continue ranting so just near with me ya ^^?

Image Hosted by
I'm pretty sure they're having fun messing with us...

Sam just gave me this link on YouTube that I should see. So I showed the joke of the day to him. I told this story to my friend, which spark some interesting information. I couldn't access all sort of thing in my room and download anything bigger than 2mb, yet this restrictions doesn't exist when I use the lab's computer. How come? Here’s a hint; students are not the only one accessing the lab computers. There are others too, and they're probably not doing research for final year project. But of course, I'm just speculating. Everything could be lies...

When I was small, I wanted to become an adult fast, because adults can go to work and earn money, which I can then use to buy food and stuff. Now, I'm dreading to become an adult, because of the responsibilities, choices, temptation and corruption that will come. *sigh*

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