Jul 29, 2006

Wrong Focus-la...

I'm amaze at how much time I spend doing things that are either silly or useless, when I couldn't keep my chin up during lecturers for 15 minutes -__-;; I spend almost 4 hour trying to change this blog's template(refer to sidebar lowest-side for template info), finding a new template, modifying the sidebar layout a bit, resizing pictures and such. You can't find me cramming for my final exam like this o_O

Painting. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo how do you guys like the new layout ^^? This was one of the few that I actually like. There are other nice web design at Open Source Web Design too,but then I need to spend more time modifying it too >.> :LAZY: So I'll stick with this design for awhile (^.^) By the way, I had fun playing with the template code using Notepad++. Freeware are always welcome in my book XDXD

It's 1.35a.m., and my roomate is STILL watching American Next Top Model. Apparently she couldn't get her fix of One Piece anime, so she has now succumb to watch real people that won't scream 'GOMUGO!!!'

I better get some sleep... *fuwaaaah*

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reiki's rumate(olive) said...

1.35am??is it the exact time reiki??i'd watched the ANTM until 2.35am u know..and reiki was sleeping again..hmm..i can remember that reiki slept from about --6pm till 10++pm on wednesday..on that day..i went to pasar malam and buka puasa..and when i came back..reiki was still sleeping..reiki loves sleeping..hehe..hmm..i missed One Piece so much..i cant download it from mirc(server down)..and luckily my boyfriend gave me the 83-135 episodes this evening--actually i just started watching this One Piece anime last monday..hehe..well reiki.."GOMU GOMU.." ^_^

Reiki said...

... dont u ha anything better 2 do, makcik -__-;;

Yalor, I overslept and 4got 2 ask u 2 buy me food from pasar malam, darn.

Ah well, next time I'll choose a much suitable time 2 sleep XP

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