Jul 4, 2006

Triple Birthday Bash!

I'm sitting in my room, waiting for the Poslaju guy to come. Scarred that the guy came before 10a.m. cause I was still sleeping -__-;; Uh-uh, I want my parcel now...

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The yummy cake, for CL&KL. May you both live happily ever after~

On another side note, we had a birthday party last week! Only 1 person birthday actually, but we decided to roll in another 2 for an early celebration! XDXD Had a hard time choosing the present and birthday cake >.> But it was all worth it, so no worry there~

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The suprise cake.
Sadly, the psychotic hamster almost abuse the poor little thing :'(

Location: Shakeys Pizza, 2nd Floor
Time: Supposedly 6.30p.m., but you know Malaysian, always come late one.
We tried to find a white chocolate cake 4 the party. Siew@Bratty Sheep (BS.) loves the white chocolate ice-cream I bought at 1Utama. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any white chocolate cake called 'Fair Lady'. So we op for a chocolate cake that have white chocolate on the outside only. It was expensive, but it was good~ X9

Most of us though it was only a double celebration; who knew there was another last minute plan! Make it triple! The 3rd birthday girl was one of the organizers herself! Yea~ So we got another cake, yummy!

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The yam seng was sooooooooo looooonng... o_O

Apparently the 2nd floor air-cond was not working >.> We couldn't stay downstairs, because we're a noisy bunch. Surely no one will come to Shakeys if we sit downstairs. And we were already making lots and lots of noise...

Time to order! Initially, there were only 15 people, so we ordered the 20 people meal. What pizza should we order? ... No ones answering, everyone to busy chatting, so we just took all 4 special pizza. All 3 were okay, except the tom yam pizza. Darn it, I won't eat that pizza ever again!

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Most of the gang posing. (^o^)

Turn out the final calculation was 18 o_O One of our largest gathering! We're slowly improving yearly! And I haven't seen most of them! Darn college life! Ehh, then everyone and everything went wild; best part was the cake-in-ur-face event. Poor birthday girl, she was complaining the cake went up into her nose, lol!

Ah, I don’t remember anything else that happens. I spend most of my time eating or running down to the counter, asking 4 more plates and tissue. Not to mention I was 1 of the 1st people that ate 1st X9 Delicious! Ah, but I think Shakeys Pizza has blacklisted us from every setting foot into their premise ^^;; Ah well, next time we'll go to Burger King instead!

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Meet the psychotic father, mother and daugther o_O!
Happy birthday you three!

Finally, thanks to everyone that made this celebration successful! Word can't express how happy and grateful I am to everyone (No, I'm not making excuses 4 rambling nonsense). We'll always remember and cherish each other! Not to mention all those balckmail-material that was successfully collected XDXD Now, if only my academic calendar is more merciful, since I'll be stuck in Perak for another 2 years... *grumblegrumble*

Yes, this post is lousy because I forgot to write about the event before I forget about it -__-;; While writing this, I keep going to the window, hoping to see the poslaju guy come. Sadly, still no news. *sigh*

Picture(s) courtesy of Nick and Kanzuki-chan ^_^

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