Jul 22, 2006


Safely arrive at hostel. Thank goodness dad accompanied me there. I was feeling sleepy after driving more than 2 hours. That or it’s because I had to burn a DVD for my brother. I really can't understand his selfish logic. So he lost more than 100 GB worth of Japanese music and videos. It doesn't mean he can command to sympathy with him. Sides, he doesn't let me touch his music if I don't do him a favor -_-;; And my DVD burner sucks big time. It need more than 3 hour to burn a 4.1 GB of mp3 o_O!!! Maybe it needs a firmware update...

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I have arrive, minus the shuttle speed and parachute.

God, what an exhausting day. All I did was unpack my stuff. I arrive around 1p.m. Finish packing at 6.25p.m. o_O So I took a small nap, which took me all the way till 8.45p.m. -__-;; Note to self; DO NOT PACK TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

Class gonna start this Monday. I'm thinking of taking a minor in finance. Don't think I want to study corporate management. Sounds like a pain. Oh heck, studying is a pain! *grumblegrumble*

Hopes everyone is doing fine in their study. And hopefully my mom won't push herself too much. She’s too dedicated to her work, I worry about her health ;__; To think that education will tear me away from my family and friends...

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Kanzuki said...

Corporate Management sounds like... MONEY INCOMING!!! XD Take it LOL

Reiki said...

Lol, I hav 2 hear that from -=platinum-sama=- ^^ How about sponsoring me abit, lol XDXD

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