Jul 7, 2006

My Wallet Getting Thinner

Last week I bought a Sony NW E-003 from a forumer. I was unhappy with my old mp3 player, mainly because it was only 128MB in capacity, my bro misplace the earphone and the button refuses to work properly. I choose the 1GB capacity so that it'll be easier to transfer bigger file, other than putting more music into it ^^

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So how’s the player itself? The sound quality is better than my old one(from Ennyah). It supports playlist, so my listening experience improves by just a tiny bit. It uses rechargeable battery, so no more buying more juice bar for it. I like the OLED display ^^;; I'm such a sucker for things that look nice but has no practical use XP It looks like a cigarette lighter, lol.

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My Sony is pretty bare. No FM radio or recording function. Heck, I'm not sure if it's original, though the seller claim it is original o_O But then, I bought it so much cheaper than a retail shop can offer you even with discount, so can't complain there, ngehngeh. And the warranty is only 1 months -__-;; So I have to be extra careful not the break the thing too soon.

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Unfortunately, the earphone hurts my ears. I'm not sure if it’s because my ears are too small or the earphones are too big. I bought a cheap earphones (yes yes, I'm a cheapskate XP) from Philips. It's so much more comfortable, but then, I notice a sudden drop in playback quality o_O On the Sony earphones, it sounds so much better. So I'm torn between comfort and quality -__-;; Also, the supplied earphones are a bit short.

Yeah, so that’s my 1st experience buying stuff online. Sort off <(^^) Some reminder when buying stuff online; If you can, ask all sort of questions(unless it's been ask before and repeated yet again) so that you're sure with the item you bought is truly the one you asked for. Do some research if you can beforehand too.

Next, I'm aiming for this headphone from Philips, kekekek. Even though I won't have any use for it, other than plugging it into my new Sony. I want it cause its pretty... *drools*

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Kanzuki said...

Ahahahahaha the lighter!!! XD

Reiki said...

Remind me of the lighther that was left from Shakeys... Ah well, kanzuki-chan, show me ur brand new ipod! >o<

mintos said...

gaah! you have an mp3 player! congrats! i wish i have one..(my mp3 player runs on cds), One question though, why did you buy it online?

Reiki said...

Coz its waaayyyy cheaper, by a few hundred ringgit o_O. Bougth it locally ^^ Why dunt u go ahead and get urself an ipod nano too, mintos?

Sam said...

I also just got an MP3 player recently. Mine's the Zen Neeon.

Reiki said...

I like creative product too, but I couldn't find any seller selling it cheap XP Show me next time ya ^o^

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