Jul 13, 2006

Helping Around the House

My mood and stamina has been sucked away. This must mean... *GASP!* Doomsday is coming!!! Nuuuuuuuuu~ eh, next week I'll be going back to college, staying in the hostel for another sem. God, I have to repeat this procedure for another 2 years. I'm getting bored of it =P

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My favorite flavor, vanilla X9

On another note, my cousin is getting married. Mom was asked to make some dessert for the newlywed. Since my maid went back home, it's all up to me and my mum (my mum mostly, cause I'm so useless in the kitchen). I told mom not to make so much, since she only have me as her useless assistant. And I don't think people want to eat so many jelly (no, not the jelly cat...) -__-;;

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My favorite custard jelly, coz theres lots of corn in it X9
But its only for the married couple...

We made through somehow. Thankfully I had my Sony with me, so helping out wasn't so bad XP Doing works while listening to song helps alot. Of course she was furious with me for not listening to her instructions properly lol. No pictures of the resulted custard jelly, cause the final preperation was at my cousin's house, and I didn't bring a camera wif me XP But hey, job finish, so time to sleep!

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Custard jeely wif hole in the center has fruits in it.
Colored small jelly decorates the larger ones.

...Not. Since the maid went back home, my parents and I need to do the entire housekeeping job now. Can't rely on my sissy and lazy brother. He was threatening me that if he loses his hand washing a single dish, he'll hold me responsible for it o_O! Goodness...

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Waiting 2 be put into the fridge.

Um yeah, the whole family is lazy. It's in the genes. I'm too lazy to cook anything, so I op to buy food at the mamak stall instead. 2 Ayamas chicken in a week, I say that’s luxury! Lol. Now all I need to do before going back home is to taste Pzza Hut new Cheesy Bites and something from KFC that has cheese in it X9 Cheese~ *squeks!*

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Kanzuki said...

Jahanam.......tak ajak... ;_;

Reiki said...

Oppsie, a certain psychotic-hamster is after my blood. Eeek!

reiki's rumate said...

the custard jelly looks yummy..but,"ade susu x reiki??"hehe.."kalo xde susu aku nakkk.." ^_^

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