Jul 21, 2006

Dawn Is Coming. Back To College!

Ahhh, I see it. The sun is coming down on top of my head. Tis are the last day I remain here, at my only sanctuary. I'll have to wait for a few months before I am release again >.>

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OMG, I could have swear that this is how my college look like o_O!!!

It's always busy when it's time to travel back to Perak. Lots of stuff to buy, bills needs to be settled, the car needs to be waxed and packing. Lots of it, including this computer I'm using. Why oh why did I bring so many stuff back? Now I have to bring them all back again, just like someone migrating to somewhere else. I don't think you need so much stuff when you're going to prison. Oh gee, every time college start, Reiki goes into whining mode o_O

I do wish that my college will lift off the 2mb download limitation at our hostel. It's just not fair that because of somebody fault at manipulating the college network, we all had to suffer the consequences >.> Its hard enough not being able to use bittorent client and the likes, the restriction even deny my security software from downloading latest security updates. No wonder our network is full of viruses and other nasty bug.

*sigh* Well, best wishes to everyone. I won't be saying you guys anytime soon. Until then, stay healthy and happy, ya? Here’s hoping that at least the journey will go smoothly...

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Sam said...

First thing I thought was: if Reiki's college looks like that... whoa.

Harry Potter! =P

Reiki said...

U do realize that that place is actully a prison ^^;? Well, only d roof has some similiarity actually XDXD

mintos said...

if yes i shall ask you to bring me there..photoshoot!!!

Reiki said...

No-lar -__-;; I put d prison pic since I think my college is a prison XP Oh, and theres some similiarity with d roof ^^

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