Jul 29, 2006

Wrong Focus-la...

I'm amaze at how much time I spend doing things that are either silly or useless, when I couldn't keep my chin up during lecturers for 15 minutes -__-;; I spend almost 4 hour trying to change this blog's template(refer to sidebar lowest-side for template info), finding a new template, modifying the sidebar layout a bit, resizing pictures and such. You can't find me cramming for my final exam like this o_O

Painting. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo how do you guys like the new layout ^^? This was one of the few that I actually like. There are other nice web design at Open Source Web Design too,but then I need to spend more time modifying it too >.> :LAZY: So I'll stick with this design for awhile (^.^) By the way, I had fun playing with the template code using Notepad++. Freeware are always welcome in my book XDXD

It's 1.35a.m., and my roomate is STILL watching American Next Top Model. Apparently she couldn't get her fix of One Piece anime, so she has now succumb to watch real people that won't scream 'GOMUGO!!!'

I better get some sleep... *fuwaaaah*

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Jul 22, 2006


Safely arrive at hostel. Thank goodness dad accompanied me there. I was feeling sleepy after driving more than 2 hours. That or it’s because I had to burn a DVD for my brother. I really can't understand his selfish logic. So he lost more than 100 GB worth of Japanese music and videos. It doesn't mean he can command to sympathy with him. Sides, he doesn't let me touch his music if I don't do him a favor -_-;; And my DVD burner sucks big time. It need more than 3 hour to burn a 4.1 GB of mp3 o_O!!! Maybe it needs a firmware update...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I have arrive, minus the shuttle speed and parachute.

God, what an exhausting day. All I did was unpack my stuff. I arrive around 1p.m. Finish packing at 6.25p.m. o_O So I took a small nap, which took me all the way till 8.45p.m. -__-;; Note to self; DO NOT PACK TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

Class gonna start this Monday. I'm thinking of taking a minor in finance. Don't think I want to study corporate management. Sounds like a pain. Oh heck, studying is a pain! *grumblegrumble*

Hopes everyone is doing fine in their study. And hopefully my mom won't push herself too much. She’s too dedicated to her work, I worry about her health ;__; To think that education will tear me away from my family and friends...

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Jul 21, 2006

Dawn Is Coming. Back To College!

Ahhh, I see it. The sun is coming down on top of my head. Tis are the last day I remain here, at my only sanctuary. I'll have to wait for a few months before I am release again >.>

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
OMG, I could have swear that this is how my college look like o_O!!!

It's always busy when it's time to travel back to Perak. Lots of stuff to buy, bills needs to be settled, the car needs to be waxed and packing. Lots of it, including this computer I'm using. Why oh why did I bring so many stuff back? Now I have to bring them all back again, just like someone migrating to somewhere else. I don't think you need so much stuff when you're going to prison. Oh gee, every time college start, Reiki goes into whining mode o_O

I do wish that my college will lift off the 2mb download limitation at our hostel. It's just not fair that because of somebody fault at manipulating the college network, we all had to suffer the consequences >.> Its hard enough not being able to use bittorent client and the likes, the restriction even deny my security software from downloading latest security updates. No wonder our network is full of viruses and other nasty bug.

*sigh* Well, best wishes to everyone. I won't be saying you guys anytime soon. Until then, stay healthy and happy, ya? Here’s hoping that at least the journey will go smoothly...

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Jul 18, 2006

Philips SHP805

It arrive, courtesy of Kangaroo Worldwide Express ^o^ Feast your eyes on some pictures 1st XD

Box arrive! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bought this Rm10 cheaper than the 1 found at 1utama. Kanzuki and Siew may remember the huge box I was holding that time. Going back this Saturday, so I guess I won't be buying anything else soon, which is a good idea. I can't find any Maybank in the area T_T

The 1st timr I open the box and took out d phones, I realize how smelly the thing is! Lol, not in a bad way. You know those smell that comes with a new car furnished with leather seat and all? That kind, only this reeks with plastic =_=;;

Here's the package box. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The phones cable is 3m long, and can be plug into 3.5mm or 6.3mm jack. The headband can be adjusted to be longer, giving more space between the band and your head. The plastic finish is so-so, but still manage to look pretty ^^ And theearcushion is comfortable enough.

Audio quality? Better than my Sony and cheap philips earphone (^o^). You can hear the bass thumping, unfortunately, the feeling is a bit low. You just hear it, but not thumping feeling. With my Sony, its not as loud as I would have thought. Even though it sounds better, an amplifier is needed to increase the bass and treble level.

My Sony network player and Philips headphone. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Plug into the computer(integrated soundcard, demit!), the volumes is way louder o_O Had to adjust all the volume so the sound won't break the speaker drive and my ear drum >_< SHP895 might be good, but they both look the same -_-;; Maybe a Sennheiser HD 595? You can never go wrong with a Senn! *drools*

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Jul 14, 2006

Moore's Law vs My Pocket Money

Bad news, my mom won't let me go to the Bon Odori festival. *cries* ToT Out of all the days I was free, she pick tomorrow as the day to go out and buy new cloths for the coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Nuuuuuuuuuu... *coughcough* Ah, enough of the angst, let's focus on something else.

Intel Core 2. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Intel Core 2.

When will it stop? Moore's Law state that the transistor density of semiconductor would double roughly every 18 months. Technology makes it possible for human to pack all sorts of functions into small packaging. It'll get smaller and smaller in size, while increasing power and functionality. It also mean people like me won't be able to afford to catch up with the latest technology any time soon =P

I'm drooling and angsting over Conroe(or Core 2). I'm afraid that my goal of upgrading my pc before New Year won't happen. The E6300 (1.8 GHz) Conroe is expected to price around US$183. This doesn't include the motherboard =__= Other upgrades include a new casing (current is a very old model), a new PSU (current PowerSuplyUnit came with the casing) and a new graphic card (using a 6200TC here). Hopefully the mobo will accept my current memory and hardisk ^w^

Philips SHP805. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Philips SHP805.

On another side note, I mention that I wanted a headphone. Well, since it cost like RM190, I think I'll take the little brother instead, which is the Philips SHP805, RM100 less than the SHP895. I'm no audiophile, I just like the design. I'll look silly wearing this outside. And I won't be plug-in the thing into my pc, since the headphone jack is at the rear side =__= Only option is to use it with my Sony (^o^).

I need to make up my mind before this Sunday whether I should buy it or not. It looks so tempting, but I already blown my wallet once, when I went shopping with my mom. Goodness, I am never ever buying more than 2 pieces or cloths >.< That was darn expensive!

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Jul 13, 2006

Helping Around the House

My mood and stamina has been sucked away. This must mean... *GASP!* Doomsday is coming!!! Nuuuuuuuuu~ eh, next week I'll be going back to college, staying in the hostel for another sem. God, I have to repeat this procedure for another 2 years. I'm getting bored of it =P

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My favorite flavor, vanilla X9

On another note, my cousin is getting married. Mom was asked to make some dessert for the newlywed. Since my maid went back home, it's all up to me and my mum (my mum mostly, cause I'm so useless in the kitchen). I told mom not to make so much, since she only have me as her useless assistant. And I don't think people want to eat so many jelly (no, not the jelly cat...) -__-;;

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My favorite custard jelly, coz theres lots of corn in it X9
But its only for the married couple...

We made through somehow. Thankfully I had my Sony with me, so helping out wasn't so bad XP Doing works while listening to song helps alot. Of course she was furious with me for not listening to her instructions properly lol. No pictures of the resulted custard jelly, cause the final preperation was at my cousin's house, and I didn't bring a camera wif me XP But hey, job finish, so time to sleep!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Custard jeely wif hole in the center has fruits in it.
Colored small jelly decorates the larger ones.

...Not. Since the maid went back home, my parents and I need to do the entire housekeeping job now. Can't rely on my sissy and lazy brother. He was threatening me that if he loses his hand washing a single dish, he'll hold me responsible for it o_O! Goodness...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Waiting 2 be put into the fridge.

Um yeah, the whole family is lazy. It's in the genes. I'm too lazy to cook anything, so I op to buy food at the mamak stall instead. 2 Ayamas chicken in a week, I say that’s luxury! Lol. Now all I need to do before going back home is to taste Pzza Hut new Cheesy Bites and something from KFC that has cheese in it X9 Cheese~ *squeks!*

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Jul 7, 2006

My Wallet Getting Thinner

Last week I bought a Sony NW E-003 from a forumer. I was unhappy with my old mp3 player, mainly because it was only 128MB in capacity, my bro misplace the earphone and the button refuses to work properly. I choose the 1GB capacity so that it'll be easier to transfer bigger file, other than putting more music into it ^^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So how’s the player itself? The sound quality is better than my old one(from Ennyah). It supports playlist, so my listening experience improves by just a tiny bit. It uses rechargeable battery, so no more buying more juice bar for it. I like the OLED display ^^;; I'm such a sucker for things that look nice but has no practical use XP It looks like a cigarette lighter, lol.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My Sony is pretty bare. No FM radio or recording function. Heck, I'm not sure if it's original, though the seller claim it is original o_O But then, I bought it so much cheaper than a retail shop can offer you even with discount, so can't complain there, ngehngeh. And the warranty is only 1 months -__-;; So I have to be extra careful not the break the thing too soon.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Unfortunately, the earphone hurts my ears. I'm not sure if it’s because my ears are too small or the earphones are too big. I bought a cheap earphones (yes yes, I'm a cheapskate XP) from Philips. It's so much more comfortable, but then, I notice a sudden drop in playback quality o_O On the Sony earphones, it sounds so much better. So I'm torn between comfort and quality -__-;; Also, the supplied earphones are a bit short.

Yeah, so that’s my 1st experience buying stuff online. Sort off <(^^) Some reminder when buying stuff online; If you can, ask all sort of questions(unless it's been ask before and repeated yet again) so that you're sure with the item you bought is truly the one you asked for. Do some research if you can beforehand too.

Next, I'm aiming for this headphone from Philips, kekekek. Even though I won't have any use for it, other than plugging it into my new Sony. I want it cause its pretty... *drools*

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Jul 4, 2006

It arrive~~!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Triple Birthday Bash!

I'm sitting in my room, waiting for the Poslaju guy to come. Scarred that the guy came before 10a.m. cause I was still sleeping -__-;; Uh-uh, I want my parcel now...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The yummy cake, for CL&KL. May you both live happily ever after~

On another side note, we had a birthday party last week! Only 1 person birthday actually, but we decided to roll in another 2 for an early celebration! XDXD Had a hard time choosing the present and birthday cake >.> But it was all worth it, so no worry there~

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The suprise cake.
Sadly, the psychotic hamster almost abuse the poor little thing :'(

Location: Shakeys Pizza, 2nd Floor
Time: Supposedly 6.30p.m., but you know Malaysian, always come late one.
We tried to find a white chocolate cake 4 the party. Siew@Bratty Sheep (BS.) loves the white chocolate ice-cream I bought at 1Utama. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any white chocolate cake called 'Fair Lady'. So we op for a chocolate cake that have white chocolate on the outside only. It was expensive, but it was good~ X9

Most of us though it was only a double celebration; who knew there was another last minute plan! Make it triple! The 3rd birthday girl was one of the organizers herself! Yea~ So we got another cake, yummy!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The yam seng was sooooooooo looooonng... o_O

Apparently the 2nd floor air-cond was not working >.> We couldn't stay downstairs, because we're a noisy bunch. Surely no one will come to Shakeys if we sit downstairs. And we were already making lots and lots of noise...

Time to order! Initially, there were only 15 people, so we ordered the 20 people meal. What pizza should we order? ... No ones answering, everyone to busy chatting, so we just took all 4 special pizza. All 3 were okay, except the tom yam pizza. Darn it, I won't eat that pizza ever again!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Most of the gang posing. (^o^)

Turn out the final calculation was 18 o_O One of our largest gathering! We're slowly improving yearly! And I haven't seen most of them! Darn college life! Ehh, then everyone and everything went wild; best part was the cake-in-ur-face event. Poor birthday girl, she was complaining the cake went up into her nose, lol!

Ah, I don’t remember anything else that happens. I spend most of my time eating or running down to the counter, asking 4 more plates and tissue. Not to mention I was 1 of the 1st people that ate 1st X9 Delicious! Ah, but I think Shakeys Pizza has blacklisted us from every setting foot into their premise ^^;; Ah well, next time we'll go to Burger King instead!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Meet the psychotic father, mother and daugther o_O!
Happy birthday you three!

Finally, thanks to everyone that made this celebration successful! Word can't express how happy and grateful I am to everyone (No, I'm not making excuses 4 rambling nonsense). We'll always remember and cherish each other! Not to mention all those balckmail-material that was successfully collected XDXD Now, if only my academic calendar is more merciful, since I'll be stuck in Perak for another 2 years... *grumblegrumble*

Yes, this post is lousy because I forgot to write about the event before I forget about it -__-;; While writing this, I keep going to the window, hoping to see the poslaju guy come. Sadly, still no news. *sigh*

Picture(s) courtesy of Nick and Kanzuki-chan ^_^

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