Jun 14, 2006

Random Thought, Chapter 1 =)

Object of desire; The Broadband Modem. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Object of desire. It may be old but we only
have one modem with one phone line. No sharing here =P

Things happen, and I was not able to update my blog (not to mention I went lazy a bit, as usual). My brother finally went back to university, so I can finally have the modem all to myself. He had hogged the poor little thing for more than 2 years; downloading Gods know what to his hard disk limit. Not to mention the overworked computer succumbed to virus, resulting the reformat process to kicks in =P

Of course I want to resent my brother, but what can I do? He's big with a big temper and big attitude. But mom doesn't like to see her children keep arguing, so I'll just play silent.

His hostel is just 30 minutes away from the house by car, so he can (and will) come back for the weekends. He went to this private university that I went (for 1 week). Mom and dad said that they'll have to use their retirement money for him. Too bad when I tried going to the same university, mom and dad wasn't going to retire yet.

A pink sheep and penguin pillow. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A pink sheep and penguin pillow.
My cousin's newborn baby toy. Kawaii~~

Dad took the family back to grandma's house. Grandma is in no good health, so we stay for awhile, trying to help out. But it was kinda distracting seeing cats walking around the house. I just want to hold them and squeeze them and play with them XDXD Too bad they don't want to play with me ;__;

I'm not allowed to operate the Playstation2 by myself, and have to ask my brother to switch the console on. I'm not a kid anymore. I don't destroy what I touch (sometimes). Besides, every time I get back home for semester break, the thing has already broken down =P So it can't be my fault, hmph!

I haven't been able to catch with my favorite show, mainly CSI and house. Mom is happily watching her Thailand drama show though. If only I can find the TV Guide and remember when CSI will be aired on.

And performancing for firefox was acting strange today. Let it be a lesson not the click the button more than once >__<

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