Jun 6, 2006

Patience is... What Was It Again?

Oh yes, I'm finally home! Yeah! But my brother went and busted my aircond. Dang, now my room is hotter than back at the hostel. But now I can play the ps2! Yeah! But it had to be sent to the shop for repair. Darn. No more internet download limit! Yeah! But my brother is still hogging the internet, and gives limited sharing value. Shoot! Monopoly is unfair! I have my rights too! But I'm too kind to punch him in the face(or listen to his pathetic and useless lectures). So I'll just have to endure it.

He's back to study this 10 June, so I should just co-operate and be obedient and stupid towards him, as usual. I'm beginning to resent everyone around me(read: family). Guess I still haven't learn to grow up and start to act like an adult. So I'm pouting like a kid everytime it's dinner.

No post till I'm able to retain back my modem power. I lost the boradband to my brother. But since I'm so nice(and another brother is just as corrupted), I'll let it pass. Time to go to sleep. *sigh*


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