Jun 23, 2006

Motionless Days

Wai, 5 days without anything happening. My life really is boring o_O Since I spend most of sleeping and not doing anything productive XP Can't let my blog go on without any update, so here's some updates, ngehngeh.

I have lots of free time, catching up with recent news, my most favorite is Computex Taipei ^o^ So many toys! So exciting! If I was a working adult, I'm gonna try getting my hands on some eye-catching case first XDXD.

I can't play some newer games without lag, like Heroes of Might & Magic V. Oblivion will seriously not work here. Why must games be heavy in story, features and hardware requirement o_O?!

Ranking no. 1 in my 'List of Stuff I Could Never Own' is BFG GeForce 7900 GTX OC. How much Maggi Mee can I buy instead with the same money?

Mozilla Firefox is supposed to be a lightweight internet browser, but I went and bloated it with more than 50 extensions o_O! Course they all look nice and seems useful XP

I find that the combination of Firefox and MSN Messenger eats up a whole lot of memory. Say, 90% of 1,023mb worth of memory o_O

Speaking of MSN, it keeps crashing whenever I tried logging in. I want to try alternative; Trillian has a nice look but the free version doesn't allow plug-ins. Maybe Miranda?

Anime, anime, anime~ So many anime, but I'm only interested in a few .

My brother is not coming home this weekend! Yeay~!

Reiki's normal sleeping position. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Reiki's normal sleeping position.

Ehh, I think I'll stop now. Maybe tomorrow I'll write about some computer stuff or anime stuff. I should learn from other sifoo on how to blog better too XP For now, Reiki will just go to sleep. Ja nee~

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