Jun 24, 2006

Lets Download Extensions!

Since I'm so free as usual(and my lil bro is taking over the PS2), I think I should talk more about Mozilla Firefox and those wonderful extension that you can download from the extension page. Most people already know about Firefox. If you want to try other alternative software, how about giving Firefox a try?

Reiki enabled 56 extensions o_O! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Reiki enabled 56 extensions o_O!

So what’s so good about extension? Well, for one thing, they extend the functionality of Firefox (Ff). For those finding Ff too light, you can add all-sort of extension for you browser ^__^ Here's some that I have and use (some of it...);

For Downloading Files and Images:
  • DownThemAll! - A download manager/accelerator inside of Ff. I like using this add-on since it support resume downloads and looks nice, lol XP Also it does seem to increase speed, by a bit onlyla ^^;; Please note that it's still in beta so it might not work properly.
  • FlashGot - If you prefer using an external download manager/accelerator, then use FlashGot ^_^
  • Download Statusbar - If you do use Ff normal way, then this add-on will let you view and manage your downloads.
  • Amazing Media Browser - Can download all sort of media, like Windows Media movie and mp3, but I mostly use it to download Flash stuff ^_^
  • Save Image in Folder - Like to browse those image galleries? Find new wallpaper you like? Easily save those images in your own folder ^o^
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Uploading and Developer's Tool:
  • Imagebot - Got Imageshack or Photobucket account? Upload those images using this extension! Also provide the template (code) for you to put into your website or forum.*EDIT!* Warning! Version 3.0.4 has advertisment o_O!! Do not download or update if you hate advertisment. I feel betrayed...
  • Firebug - Checking out your HTML/CSS/JavaScript? Use this tool to inspect those DOM elements ^_^ Useful for me to learn just how the heck these people create their websites, kekek XP
  • CSSViewer - Wondering what style/font/color is being used on that website? Use this simple add-on to view those CSS property ^o^
  • MR Tech Local Install - Provide tools to install and manage extensions and themes locally. Advance user might like all the features included. Provides useful information to us amateurs too ^^
  • Performancing - Have a blog? Use this blog editor to post your blog, directly from your Firefox browser!
Entertainment and Navigation:
  • FoxyTunes - Control your media player while surfing the net ^o^ Check the homepage for supported player and alternative skin!
  • PONG! Multiplayer - Play Pong! With against the computer or people from around the world!
  • Confuscator! - When your bored, use this to confuse your text message ^o^ For useless fun only.
  • StumbleUpon - Can't find any interesting websites to surf? Use this to "channel surf" the net, reviewed by other people with the same interest as you ^^
  • Wizz RSS News Reader - Read the latest news using this RSS and Atom news reader ^^ Useful to find any new updates fast.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Privacy and Miscellaneous:
  • Adblock - Filter those annoying web-ad XP Note that there’s also a plus version. I use this with Adblock Filterset.G Updater.
  • FasterFox - Performance and network tweaks for Firefox. Some might notice the improvement in speed though.
  • TabMixPlus - enhances tab browsing capabilities. 1 of them is the inclusion of the close button on each tab ^^ Other features include duplicating tabs, undo closed tabs and much more.
  • Colorful Tabs - Colors every tab in different color. No need those boring same tab color XP
  • More Tools Menu - If you, like me, downloaded too many extensions, than this add-on will unclutter the "Tools" menu by moving new items to "More Tools" menu. At least I can find the preference menu easier XD

Ehh, I think I should stop now. Like I said, I downloaded more than 50 extensions o_O I'll yap more about the others next time ^^;; Hopefully, you guys finds something useful in here ^o^ Firefox and those numerous extensions are really fun to use XDXD Here’s hoping to spread the love around~

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