Jun 10, 2006

Food Trip Around KL!

Been a while since I updated my blog. Gomenasai >_< But now I can do it, and some of you may just know why I'm happy today~

On June 8, me and 7 other friend went for an outing around KL(Kuala Lumpur) in search of food X9 Now this the tradition(the outing, not the food). I forgot to tell my friend that I'll tag along, and she forgot to tell me that the meeting is not 11am o_O She gave me about 30 minutes to dress myself, which wasn't enough of course XP

Took the KTM Komuter to go to KL. Our first stop is China Town or Petaling Street. Really, I've been living in Malaysia for almost 20 years and I still don't know whether those 2 towns are the same or not -__-;; So what did we do? Please note that I'm writing what I mostly did during the trip. I can't remember what the others did much since I was hungry most of the time =P

Did I told you guys that I saw my friend on display at some bakery o_O? 1 of my friend, whom 'I' nicknamed Bratty Sheep, has always been associated with food. And I mean by being food herself ^o^ To save her from more 'happy' memories, I'll restrain myself from writing it here.

To keep things short (and to avoid boring you people with my crappy writing), here’s some summary;
  • Breakfast: I start small with some popiah and milo ais. Everyone was having fun watching me trying to use the chopstick =P Sam supposedly records the silly scene. I was having fun too, playing around with my sifoo who was teaching me ^^ But I did manage to put those popiah into my mouth. Yea~ Reiki wasted more than 10 minutes doing silly stuff...
  • Pasar Budaya: or something like that. Seriously, I don't understand why I can't even remember where I went. The only food I got from there was sweet corn, which was nice X9 It's a tourist spot as all sort of craft from different cultures gather at the same place. There were many nice stuff that I like, alas, no money ;__;
  • Lunch Time: KLCC! I like KLCC, but I only went there like 5 times or less each year -__-;; Anyway, ate lunch at the food court. On my menu was alfredo spaghetti and chicken rice with soft drink. Yup, that’s 2 meals in 1 sitting. I only wish we had time for another fish & chips...
  • Not Food: Still in KLCC, I went o Kinokuniya bookshop and bought 'The Novice' novel together with 'Magical x Miracle' manga. Books are so expensive; I need to visit the ATM soon.
  • Tea Time: Went to Sungei Way next. I think we spend most of the time walking around for no reason, until it's time for ice-cream! We ate the 'Earthquake'(a bowl with 8 different ice-cream flavors) and shared it with 8 people of course. Now who was the one that ordered those darn pistachios flavor o_O?!?!
  • Another Stop: Stop buy a shop they called 'comic shop'. I bough 'Aria the Animation' and 'Detective Conan' manga. Unlike my other firend, I can't afford to buy so many stuff in one go, let alone shopping for those stuff every week o_O *sigh* Money is the root of all evil I tell you.
  • Dinner: Went to Time Square for some Russian food. I ordered Russian Lamb burger*hinthint*. The taste was quite unique, can't say it was bad, neither was it any good. Maybe because the food was a bit cold.
  • Supper: McDonald ice-cream. Simple. No matter what, you just can't beat McD's ice cream X9

3 out of 4 items that I bought. Detective Conan was kidnapped by my brother -__-;;

I was really satisfied that day, even though we didn't get to tour KL at night on the bus, probably because our guardian keep nagging us to come back home. Or we wasted running across the street trying to find the right bus to go back. -__-;;

But hey, it wasn't bad at all ^o^ only problem is I'm still hungry when I reach home. Not to mention I feel oh so stupid for not bringing my mom's camera along for the trip. So no pictures. sh00t.

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Lilla Sampedro said...

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Victoria said...

I saw your post to sams blog... so I'm a just a pastin' through. I had to tell you - I love your picture. That cat with the water mellon helmet cracks me up every time I see it. :D

♥ Victora ♥

Reiki said...

Lol thanks, but I doubt that it's a watermelon. I don't know what fruit though o_O

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