Jun 19, 2006

Blue PAWA!!!

Finally, I was able to regain back my internet usage after the old ADSL modem got hit by lightning. Stupid Reiki forgot to pull the cable when thunder was coming >_<

Blue Modem. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Those LED looks like people... bowling o_O?

Thankfully, dad subscribe to the package with modem. This means that the modem comes with lifetime warranty! I called few hours after the modem got busted on Sunday, and they change it today, w00t! So happy. Let this remind everyone to always buy electronics stuff that comes with warranty ^_^

Of course, there's still one more problem; looks like the thunder took both the modem and the network interface card(NIC) with it o_O The new cute blue modem work on bro's pc, but not mine. So I decided to go to a computer shop a few hours later for a new NIC.

Course, can't leave home alone, so my lil bro and maid tag along. He bought some games, she bought cloths and a 2nd-hand Gameboy Advance for her son, while I got the card, after visiting 3 shops =P We spend the most time at the game shop, because my lil bro made the game and price negotiation more confusing. This mean he's gonna be spank for not doing his homework like he's suppose to do XP

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
2 new addition, but I want a new casing.

So now there a new addition to the family ^o^ I can't wait for Conroe and AM2 to come out. I'm itching to upgrade my pc. It's only 1 years old and it's already out dated. I'm making a list of hardware I wish to get, but can't afford T__T

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