Jun 30, 2006

Random Thought, Chapter 2

Again, no update for a few days. Not because nothing happened (if that was true, that means I'm dead already XP), but I was just too indulge in Kingdom Hearts II and Foobar2000 ^^;;

I was finally able to defeat that lunatic, Saix o_O I was pretty scared fighting him, probably because he remind me of my brother XP I'm starting to regret playing in normal mode and not proud mode. Trying to finish the journal is darn hard. Finishing 100acre Woods was much easier in Kingdom Hearts I than II -__-;; Not to mention all the other mission. Demit; I want the secret ending...

Foobar2000. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Foobar2000. Haven't done anything much to it. Too lazy ^^;;

Foobar2000 is a pretty interesting media/music player. There’s a lot of customization that can be done, but I haven't poke around enough yet. Not to mention all those string code, its like learning programming again @__@ Foobar2000 is more suitable to advance user, I guess ^^;; I just happen onto it, coz I like software that allows customization. Please note that I never made my own original script/plug-in, cause I have no talent in doing such things >__< I just took those premade script, writen by other people XD

Well, there were a few events happening. Like my brother finally gotten around treating us to some food! X9 It was at Eastin Hotel. Can't remember the last time I fed myself silly. I manage to indulge myself with all sort food from around the world X9 Even with so much food, I manage to scoop some ice-cream the last minute. Reiki was the last (wo)man standing, still eating ice-creams X9

Some of the desert my mom took. Yummy X9 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Some of the desert my mom took. Yummy X9

Unfortunately, I don't think my stomach agree with my greed, and decided to torment me for the last 12 hours with intense stomachache. Ughhhh, I feel like I'm going to vomit...

Vanilla and strawberry ice-cream! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Vanilla and strawberry ice-cream!

There’s only a few week left before the new semester starts. How I wish I didn't have to stay in dorms anymore. I'm such a spoiled kid =P

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Jun 24, 2006

Lets Download Extensions!

Since I'm so free as usual(and my lil bro is taking over the PS2), I think I should talk more about Mozilla Firefox and those wonderful extension that you can download from the extension page. Most people already know about Firefox. If you want to try other alternative software, how about giving Firefox a try?

Reiki enabled 56 extensions o_O! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Reiki enabled 56 extensions o_O!

So what’s so good about extension? Well, for one thing, they extend the functionality of Firefox (Ff). For those finding Ff too light, you can add all-sort of extension for you browser ^__^ Here's some that I have and use (some of it...);

For Downloading Files and Images:
  • DownThemAll! - A download manager/accelerator inside of Ff. I like using this add-on since it support resume downloads and looks nice, lol XP Also it does seem to increase speed, by a bit onlyla ^^;; Please note that it's still in beta so it might not work properly.
  • FlashGot - If you prefer using an external download manager/accelerator, then use FlashGot ^_^
  • Download Statusbar - If you do use Ff normal way, then this add-on will let you view and manage your downloads.
  • Amazing Media Browser - Can download all sort of media, like Windows Media movie and mp3, but I mostly use it to download Flash stuff ^_^
  • Save Image in Folder - Like to browse those image galleries? Find new wallpaper you like? Easily save those images in your own folder ^o^
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Uploading and Developer's Tool:
  • Imagebot - Got Imageshack or Photobucket account? Upload those images using this extension! Also provide the template (code) for you to put into your website or forum.*EDIT!* Warning! Version 3.0.4 has advertisment o_O!! Do not download or update if you hate advertisment. I feel betrayed...
  • Firebug - Checking out your HTML/CSS/JavaScript? Use this tool to inspect those DOM elements ^_^ Useful for me to learn just how the heck these people create their websites, kekek XP
  • CSSViewer - Wondering what style/font/color is being used on that website? Use this simple add-on to view those CSS property ^o^
  • MR Tech Local Install - Provide tools to install and manage extensions and themes locally. Advance user might like all the features included. Provides useful information to us amateurs too ^^
  • Performancing - Have a blog? Use this blog editor to post your blog, directly from your Firefox browser!
Entertainment and Navigation:
  • FoxyTunes - Control your media player while surfing the net ^o^ Check the homepage for supported player and alternative skin!
  • PONG! Multiplayer - Play Pong! With against the computer or people from around the world!
  • Confuscator! - When your bored, use this to confuse your text message ^o^ For useless fun only.
  • StumbleUpon - Can't find any interesting websites to surf? Use this to "channel surf" the net, reviewed by other people with the same interest as you ^^
  • Wizz RSS News Reader - Read the latest news using this RSS and Atom news reader ^^ Useful to find any new updates fast.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Privacy and Miscellaneous:
  • Adblock - Filter those annoying web-ad XP Note that there’s also a plus version. I use this with Adblock Filterset.G Updater.
  • FasterFox - Performance and network tweaks for Firefox. Some might notice the improvement in speed though.
  • TabMixPlus - enhances tab browsing capabilities. 1 of them is the inclusion of the close button on each tab ^^ Other features include duplicating tabs, undo closed tabs and much more.
  • Colorful Tabs - Colors every tab in different color. No need those boring same tab color XP
  • More Tools Menu - If you, like me, downloaded too many extensions, than this add-on will unclutter the "Tools" menu by moving new items to "More Tools" menu. At least I can find the preference menu easier XD

Ehh, I think I should stop now. Like I said, I downloaded more than 50 extensions o_O I'll yap more about the others next time ^^;; Hopefully, you guys finds something useful in here ^o^ Firefox and those numerous extensions are really fun to use XDXD Here’s hoping to spread the love around~

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Jun 23, 2006

Motionless Days

Wai, 5 days without anything happening. My life really is boring o_O Since I spend most of sleeping and not doing anything productive XP Can't let my blog go on without any update, so here's some updates, ngehngeh.

I have lots of free time, catching up with recent news, my most favorite is Computex Taipei ^o^ So many toys! So exciting! If I was a working adult, I'm gonna try getting my hands on some eye-catching case first XDXD.

I can't play some newer games without lag, like Heroes of Might & Magic V. Oblivion will seriously not work here. Why must games be heavy in story, features and hardware requirement o_O?!

Ranking no. 1 in my 'List of Stuff I Could Never Own' is BFG GeForce 7900 GTX OC. How much Maggi Mee can I buy instead with the same money?

Mozilla Firefox is supposed to be a lightweight internet browser, but I went and bloated it with more than 50 extensions o_O! Course they all look nice and seems useful XP

I find that the combination of Firefox and MSN Messenger eats up a whole lot of memory. Say, 90% of 1,023mb worth of memory o_O

Speaking of MSN, it keeps crashing whenever I tried logging in. I want to try alternative; Trillian has a nice look but the free version doesn't allow plug-ins. Maybe Miranda?

Anime, anime, anime~ So many anime, but I'm only interested in a few .

My brother is not coming home this weekend! Yeay~!

Reiki's normal sleeping position. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Reiki's normal sleeping position.

Ehh, I think I'll stop now. Maybe tomorrow I'll write about some computer stuff or anime stuff. I should learn from other sifoo on how to blog better too XP For now, Reiki will just go to sleep. Ja nee~

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Jun 19, 2006

Blue PAWA!!!

Finally, I was able to regain back my internet usage after the old ADSL modem got hit by lightning. Stupid Reiki forgot to pull the cable when thunder was coming >_<

Blue Modem. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Those LED looks like people... bowling o_O?

Thankfully, dad subscribe to the package with modem. This means that the modem comes with lifetime warranty! I called few hours after the modem got busted on Sunday, and they change it today, w00t! So happy. Let this remind everyone to always buy electronics stuff that comes with warranty ^_^

Of course, there's still one more problem; looks like the thunder took both the modem and the network interface card(NIC) with it o_O The new cute blue modem work on bro's pc, but not mine. So I decided to go to a computer shop a few hours later for a new NIC.

Course, can't leave home alone, so my lil bro and maid tag along. He bought some games, she bought cloths and a 2nd-hand Gameboy Advance for her son, while I got the card, after visiting 3 shops =P We spend the most time at the game shop, because my lil bro made the game and price negotiation more confusing. This mean he's gonna be spank for not doing his homework like he's suppose to do XP

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
2 new addition, but I want a new casing.

So now there a new addition to the family ^o^ I can't wait for Conroe and AM2 to come out. I'm itching to upgrade my pc. It's only 1 years old and it's already out dated. I'm making a list of hardware I wish to get, but can't afford T__T

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Jun 14, 2006

Random Thought, Chapter 1 =)

Object of desire; The Broadband Modem. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Object of desire. It may be old but we only
have one modem with one phone line. No sharing here =P

Things happen, and I was not able to update my blog (not to mention I went lazy a bit, as usual). My brother finally went back to university, so I can finally have the modem all to myself. He had hogged the poor little thing for more than 2 years; downloading Gods know what to his hard disk limit. Not to mention the overworked computer succumbed to virus, resulting the reformat process to kicks in =P

Of course I want to resent my brother, but what can I do? He's big with a big temper and big attitude. But mom doesn't like to see her children keep arguing, so I'll just play silent.

His hostel is just 30 minutes away from the house by car, so he can (and will) come back for the weekends. He went to this private university that I went (for 1 week). Mom and dad said that they'll have to use their retirement money for him. Too bad when I tried going to the same university, mom and dad wasn't going to retire yet.

A pink sheep and penguin pillow. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A pink sheep and penguin pillow.
My cousin's newborn baby toy. Kawaii~~

Dad took the family back to grandma's house. Grandma is in no good health, so we stay for awhile, trying to help out. But it was kinda distracting seeing cats walking around the house. I just want to hold them and squeeze them and play with them XDXD Too bad they don't want to play with me ;__;

I'm not allowed to operate the Playstation2 by myself, and have to ask my brother to switch the console on. I'm not a kid anymore. I don't destroy what I touch (sometimes). Besides, every time I get back home for semester break, the thing has already broken down =P So it can't be my fault, hmph!

I haven't been able to catch with my favorite show, mainly CSI and house. Mom is happily watching her Thailand drama show though. If only I can find the TV Guide and remember when CSI will be aired on.

And performancing for firefox was acting strange today. Let it be a lesson not the click the button more than once >__<

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Jun 10, 2006

Food Trip Around KL!

Been a while since I updated my blog. Gomenasai >_< But now I can do it, and some of you may just know why I'm happy today~

On June 8, me and 7 other friend went for an outing around KL(Kuala Lumpur) in search of food X9 Now this the tradition(the outing, not the food). I forgot to tell my friend that I'll tag along, and she forgot to tell me that the meeting is not 11am o_O She gave me about 30 minutes to dress myself, which wasn't enough of course XP

Took the KTM Komuter to go to KL. Our first stop is China Town or Petaling Street. Really, I've been living in Malaysia for almost 20 years and I still don't know whether those 2 towns are the same or not -__-;; So what did we do? Please note that I'm writing what I mostly did during the trip. I can't remember what the others did much since I was hungry most of the time =P

Did I told you guys that I saw my friend on display at some bakery o_O? 1 of my friend, whom 'I' nicknamed Bratty Sheep, has always been associated with food. And I mean by being food herself ^o^ To save her from more 'happy' memories, I'll restrain myself from writing it here.

To keep things short (and to avoid boring you people with my crappy writing), here’s some summary;
  • Breakfast: I start small with some popiah and milo ais. Everyone was having fun watching me trying to use the chopstick =P Sam supposedly records the silly scene. I was having fun too, playing around with my sifoo who was teaching me ^^ But I did manage to put those popiah into my mouth. Yea~ Reiki wasted more than 10 minutes doing silly stuff...
  • Pasar Budaya: or something like that. Seriously, I don't understand why I can't even remember where I went. The only food I got from there was sweet corn, which was nice X9 It's a tourist spot as all sort of craft from different cultures gather at the same place. There were many nice stuff that I like, alas, no money ;__;
  • Lunch Time: KLCC! I like KLCC, but I only went there like 5 times or less each year -__-;; Anyway, ate lunch at the food court. On my menu was alfredo spaghetti and chicken rice with soft drink. Yup, that’s 2 meals in 1 sitting. I only wish we had time for another fish & chips...
  • Not Food: Still in KLCC, I went o Kinokuniya bookshop and bought 'The Novice' novel together with 'Magical x Miracle' manga. Books are so expensive; I need to visit the ATM soon.
  • Tea Time: Went to Sungei Way next. I think we spend most of the time walking around for no reason, until it's time for ice-cream! We ate the 'Earthquake'(a bowl with 8 different ice-cream flavors) and shared it with 8 people of course. Now who was the one that ordered those darn pistachios flavor o_O?!?!
  • Another Stop: Stop buy a shop they called 'comic shop'. I bough 'Aria the Animation' and 'Detective Conan' manga. Unlike my other firend, I can't afford to buy so many stuff in one go, let alone shopping for those stuff every week o_O *sigh* Money is the root of all evil I tell you.
  • Dinner: Went to Time Square for some Russian food. I ordered Russian Lamb burger*hinthint*. The taste was quite unique, can't say it was bad, neither was it any good. Maybe because the food was a bit cold.
  • Supper: McDonald ice-cream. Simple. No matter what, you just can't beat McD's ice cream X9

3 out of 4 items that I bought. Detective Conan was kidnapped by my brother -__-;;

I was really satisfied that day, even though we didn't get to tour KL at night on the bus, probably because our guardian keep nagging us to come back home. Or we wasted running across the street trying to find the right bus to go back. -__-;;

But hey, it wasn't bad at all ^o^ only problem is I'm still hungry when I reach home. Not to mention I feel oh so stupid for not bringing my mom's camera along for the trip. So no pictures. sh00t.

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Jun 6, 2006

Patience is... What Was It Again?

Oh yes, I'm finally home! Yeah! But my brother went and busted my aircond. Dang, now my room is hotter than back at the hostel. But now I can play the ps2! Yeah! But it had to be sent to the shop for repair. Darn. No more internet download limit! Yeah! But my brother is still hogging the internet, and gives limited sharing value. Shoot! Monopoly is unfair! I have my rights too! But I'm too kind to punch him in the face(or listen to his pathetic and useless lectures). So I'll just have to endure it.

He's back to study this 10 June, so I should just co-operate and be obedient and stupid towards him, as usual. I'm beginning to resent everyone around me(read: family). Guess I still haven't learn to grow up and start to act like an adult. So I'm pouting like a kid everytime it's dinner.

No post till I'm able to retain back my modem power. I lost the boradband to my brother. But since I'm so nice(and another brother is just as corrupted), I'll let it pass. Time to go to sleep. *sigh*