May 24, 2006

Uh-oh, I Forgot!

I totally had forgotten about my exams on Thursday. So I'll have to postpone posting (oh heck, I don't know what to post anyway XP).

I was determine to finish my Computer Organization revision by yesterday. Then I remember I didn't finish watching CSI:New York. It's just one episode. The voice said in my head. So, I went and watch 1 episode. Then I got hooked. How could that old granny do that? I wanted more. So, I went and watch 3 more episodes.

Sucks to be a nobody.
Whoah, that’s too much.
Eeek! Where did THAT come from?!

So it went on and on till 1 in the morning, cause I keep repeating the show. Oh Dear Lord, I only read 3 chapters, and there’s 17 more to go. Instead of dumping myself into a pool of regret, I decided to do some laundry. It'll sucks more if I don't have proper cloths on Thursday.

Then the day drags on till today, now. I just realize I'm missing a few notes. Dear God, I wish time will slow down so I can have enough time to finish my revision. I can hear a voice, saying, "You receive a 5 day gap; what did you do to it?” Why, I didn't do anything to it at all. 5 day just went by; just like that. Of course time went fast when you’re sleeping.

Oh, what am I doing? I'm getting sidetracked by writing this now! Be a good child, Reiki, and don't disappoint your mother. You'll be able to play Kingdom Hearts II when you go back! That’s right, reward always have good effects on me. So I'm gonna write it down on sticky notes and paste it on my monitor. That should do the trick. Wish me luck for my exams! I'm wishing for everyone else too! XDXD Reiki here, signing off!


reiki's rumate said...

huhu..macik reiki..forgot eh??i thought you remember ur exam on thursday..i can see you surfing the net or sleeping every time i walk into our room heh..but early in that thursday morning..i think its about 645am..reiki woke up and study..O_o i cant believe it!!huhu..neway..i'm going back to johor hard for your last two papers eh..caiyok2 ^_^

Reiki said...

... demmit, stop talking about my secret in public you makcik! -__-;;

serena said...

ohohoho~! Nice to meet you, Olive-chan >o< I'm one of Reiki's ex-classmates XD Anymore juicy secrets to spills?

Sam said...

Oooh... nice to meetcha Olive! Seems that Reiki has been studying hard eh? LOL! =P

That's good to hear!

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