May 22, 2006

Today, I Failed to Keep My Word

While taking a shower, I found out just how wide I had become. I'm becoming more and more unhealthy, not taking care about my health. I gave it some though and decided that I should lose some weight. So the 1st strategy was to eat less, coupled with less meat intake. Yes, that's what I'm going to do. Go on a diet to lose some weight.

Fish&Chips Image Hosted by ImageShack.usUnfortunately, I don't think my plan work. I mean, not only did I not stay away from eating meat; I didn't eat any less at all. Just what did I do? Well, I usually don't eat breakfast because I wake up late everyday. So lunch, I had "Fish and Chips", prices at RM 5.50(approx. 1.50US$). Mind you, in the whole college, this cafe sells the nearest authentic Fish and Chips. So I didn't mind to splurge. Sides, I love Fish and Chips X9 And it's a fish, so it’s better than meat (I think).

Next is dinner. I went to the library, not to study, but to borrow books unrelated to my course exams, like fantasy novel. Too much exams gap makes me lazy. On the way I stop by another cafe. I heard that this cafe's "Chicken Chop" was one of the best in the area. So, I decided to try it. This cafe is quite popular, making my order sitting in the 8th queue at that time. The different is that the chicken's skin is crispy, like those KFC Original Fried Chicken. Putting the mushroom sauce and into my mouth, I was delighted! This is one of the best chicken chop (in the college area anyway) yet!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo whats after dinner? Supper of course! And it's not 11p.m. yet! My friend rang me, saying she's going to McDonald. Any order? Of course! 1 Double Cheeseburger please! Since the nearest McD is 1hour drive, I usually don't eat fast food outside. So it was just logic that I ordered something ^_^. She gave me the food, and I munch it in less than 15minutes (that’s pretty normal). Yummy, that was the best meal day I ever had (in college)!

So yeah, I broke my oath on the same exact day. I have a habit of giving up or forgetting easily. Too easy. Now not only have I gained more weight, I have successfully make my wallet lighter. But you know, the food was delicious! XD ... Well okay, I'll try again tomorrow. If I can keep my diet, I might be able to succeed in other thing, like studying >_< I have paper on Thursday and I haven't even flip my notes yet. God, please help me...


Sam said...

At this rate you're eating... you might not be able to even turn the page the next time coz' your hands are getting heavier... LOL!

Studying will be hard! =P

Reiki said...

Now that you said that, I do realize my arms getting flabby...

Should say studying will be heavy! @_@

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