May 31, 2006

The Strom Went Away, But I'm Still Scared

If only I feel depress due to gluttony. Image Hosted by
If only I feel depress due to gluttony.

Today was my final exam paper. It was the day I'll finally finish exams. Yet everything went wrong the second the sun rises.

My head hurts. Too much stuff to remember. My eyes burn. How can knowledge and information hurt me so bad? I'm out of mineral water. Tap water is bad for my throat. No time to use the kettle. There’s so much that need to be done. Yet there’s no time to do any of it.

Alas, it was time to enter the exam hall. How can things get worst? I waited for my friend to ride the car with me this time. Only to see her speeding off in her car. I thought she wanted to drop her car somewhere and then I'll have to pick her up. She just went to the exam hall. I went in circles 2 times at the round-a-bout, waiting for her answer on her location. Tell me earlier la -__-;;

Before the exams start, most of my friend said that somehow, today is a very messy day. Nothing works. I can't say it properly, but it feels so bad, I can't concentrate on my paper. I think I did rather poorly this time. Even after the paper finish, I'm still scared.

Though today went pretty bad, I guess I can look forward going home tomorrow. Now I just need to stop angsting and prepare my suitcase. I pray to God that even if my day went bad, please protect my exam paper from anymore torment. I'm a bit depress now because of today final exam. Either that or the Pepsi that I kept in the fridge went missing. There goes my holy grail. *sigh*.

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Sam said...

Storm's gone. And now the Holy Grail is missing. Sounds like you've gone through a really shitty day.


I'll cross my fingers for you, and hope that your paper comes out fine. I've gone through my own fair share of exams and I do certainly hope I do well... but that's not going to stop me from having a killer break!

See ya when you come back! =P

Reiki said...

Haha, thanks sam. Lol, its probably because I got a headache and wasn't thinking rigth when I wrote it.

I'm sure everyone went through the same thing, or worst. It's just that I like to whine alot =P

Yup, everything is in the past, so lets just enjoy ourselves! Itching to meet you guys! XDXD

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