May 27, 2006

Sitting Alone. Reminisce.


My roommate went back home yesterday. Her exams finish this week, while Reiki here still have 2 papers next week! Argh, it's so not fair! Why can't things go my way sometimes? It just had to go someone else's way. I had a few bad luck happening, and they keep on repeating itself. Let go back when I was 12 years old...

12 years-old: In Malaysia, we have this final exam called UPSR. My family takes education seriously, so much that I was forbidden from indulging myself in entertainment. One of them was playing game. During that time, I and my brother were crazy over Megaman X games. So I waited for the day I will be able to play it. When the day comes, I found out that the pc (we play the computer game) had broken down. And it's all because my brother went and inserted a virus-plagued CD-rom into it! Noooo!!!!

15 years-old: Also another exam, PMR this time. I played Chrono Trigger till the event before fighting Lavos. But of course, again, I had to wait patiently to play. Again, something happen. This time, my save game was corrupted. Both of it. Arggghhhh!!!! All my effort down the drain! I was feeling so down, I decided not to play any games for awhile.

17 years-old: The biggest exams in high school(unless you wish to take STPM), SPM comes. It was so important, that I was banned from touching the Playstation 2 5 months before the exams start (around the time we finally mange to buy a ps2). I was only allowed to try out Kingdom Hearts for 1 day =P Well, exams finish and I was excited about playing the ps2 and BAM! We can't play because my little brother destroyed the only controllers around. WHAAAATTTT?!?!?!?! So I had to chalk some money with my bro to buy a new one. That took about 1 week or so (because he keeps forgetting to buy it).

18 years-old: Well, university life started so no ps2. Just an old pc that can't even play Neverwinter Nights. After exams, my father came to take me back home. Things start to go downhill from there. The car broke down less than 5km from the university. OMG, my first car breakdown! Apparently, the engine overheated (some rubber tube had tear apart), taking the gasket with it. There was no way we can fix the gasket. And the water supply can't reach the engine because the rubber tube keep getting disconnected (too much air, too much pressure. And no, I'm not an engineer, so go ask some other mechanics for a better explanation =P).

So we loaded the car with mineral water, stopping now and then to refill the water (it wasn't circulating because the tube keeps coming off, thus water keeps dripping out). Not to mention dad was like, driving the car less than 20kph. It took us 12 solid hours to reach home. Usually it's just 3 hours! We got home around 5 a.m. I took a bath, ate some Nasi Lemak, and went to sleep for another solid 12 hours. Not even coming out to eat. I was just too exhausted. It was the same the next day too, only I slept 6 hours from the afternoon. Had to apologize for shouting to my little brother when he won't stop calling me for lunch.

This what happen to the car. Image Hosted by

19 years-old: I still haven't played Kingdom Hearts II yet, demmit! Oh God, such trials I’m being put through. I wonder if it's because my mom wish me to stop playing games? *sigh*


Sam said...

Awwww... *pats Reiki on the head*

You'll get to play Kingdom Hearts 2 soon. But before you do... lemme just tell you the ending... =P

*malicious grin*

It turns out that Organization XIII is going to... (fill in the blanks yourself)

Reiki said...

Well, thank you for '"spoiling me"' -__-;; *shakes fist*

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