May 28, 2006

Reiki: The Big 5!

Agh, exams is just around the corner. Don't expect me to update much for a few days. In the meantime, I took some personality test. I like this kind of stuff coz its fun and maybe it'll help me learn a bit more about myself. Look at this;

Big Five Test Results
Extroversion (30%) low which suggests you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and private.
Accommodation (46%) medium which suggests you are moderately kind natured, trusting, and helpful while still maintaining your own interests.
Orderliness (40%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly flexible, random, scattered, and fun seeking at the expense of structure, reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.
Emotional Stability (50%) medium which suggests you average somewhere in between being calm and resilient and being anxious and reactive.
Inquisitiveness (42%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly small minded, traditional, and conventional at the expense of intellectual curiousity, possibility, and progress.
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This is the Big Five Test. I took other test too, but they were too long. Let's do some research with the results;
  • Extroversion: Yes, I can be pretty quiet sometimes. First timer will think that I was snobbish. Friends then say that I can be quite loud sometimes. This is probably true, since I have a 'Peaceful' personality ^__^
  • Accommodation: Not sure about this one. I don't socialize much (I usually goes out of my room to buy food only), so there's no chance of helping others. But I do help if it's within my limit; say I don't have any plan at that time. I'm still nice person while still being selfish at times
  • Orderliness: Rather than saying fun seeking, I do not seek responsibility. True, I'm a scatter brain and laid back, but I don't compromise my work ethic. I don't have long-term accomplishment because I still haven't decided about my future yet.
  • Emotional Stability: Wooho, 50%. Is this lower than normal o_O? Oh what the heck, crazy and unstable folks are usually genius, lol. Calm isn't the right word. It should be indifference. Don't know, don't care.
  • Inquisitiveness: I guess I'm a bit traditional and unchanged. But I do progress. I like learning about computers, testing out new stuff that interest me. Although I do have fear of damaging my pc by bloating it with too much unnecessary stuff (my Firefox browser starts up slowly due to too many installed extensions =P).

Summary: So mostly the test result were true. I'm just your average Joe. Nothing compelling, strange or over-the-top. Pretty stable, self-centered and private. But still a nice person you know ^__^ . The only things that may increase my stats are exams grades. But then, not many people think it's important. Speaking of grades, I still have 2 more paper left. And this time, no gap. Darn


Sam said...

Wah... 233 visits since May 2006! Whatever you are doing, you sure are attracting traffic~!

Reiki said...

Opps! Wrongwrongwrong. The counter shows page load, not visitor. I have less than 200 visitors actually. And the meter even log me as a visitor when Im editing stuff. Im not attracting traffic as much as you are sam ^o^

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