May 21, 2006

n00bie or \/\/anab3 blogger??

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Decided to put some effort into blogging(read: Sunday, no exams till Thursday). For starters, I decided to see what the pros at have to offer to newbie like me. I read through some of the post, especially the content category. I realize that I don't have interesting stuff to blog about, something that I need to change. I continue reading on, trying to see what I can score. Alas, I realize that my blog is doomed to fail. Forevor. Unless I do something about it...

So let's talk about wirtting content for a blog. I went through some of Chris Garret post/article, one which is HOWTO: Launch a New Blog The Easy Way. From his post, here's what I came up with:
  • Planning - Blogging alone, standalone(myself included). I didn't plan anything in the first place. I choose because it's quite well known, so I just jumped into the fray(due to boredom).
  • Design - I like blue ^^ and the blue Blogger NavBar(top of page) looks good together with template. I think the 2 column layout works just fine.
  • Content - Okay, this is hard. I doubt that I can do any killer post. I'll just say it out loud; I 5uck at writting! I still haven't though about the main purpose of this blog. Like I said in my previous post, my life is l4/\/\E. Maybe given time, it'll mature? Or I'll just leave it in the graveyard...
  • Link - Well here's a good start. I put a few relevant link in my blog, even linking to my own content ^^ Now, the only problem is trying to stay on topic. Now I may have some motivation to strive for success! Kekeke...
  • Promotion - Theres nothing worthy of promotion here. And I only told 2 people about this(blog) =P And they haven't given any feedback >_< I'm pretty shy and like to stalk around forums, so my blog ain't goin on stage for the time being.
  • Publish - Oh wow, if only I don't 5uck5 in writing, I'll be able to earn some money! The most writing I've done is role-playing in Yahoo! Group. And that have been dead for a few years now.
  • Advertise -This is an interesting idea, but I'll stick with advertising my interest first, like Firefox. Like Chris says, once you have income ^_^ .
So there you have it. Looks like theres alot of work to be done, much which I doubt I'll be able to do it =P I'm not a good writer like Sam is, but I'll try my best. For now, lets just kick back see what'll happen, eh?


Sam said...

Sam is not a good writer - he just knows what to type out when he's in the mood... LOL!

Serena said...

Reiki~! You have just found yourself a new XD So, be sure to keep up the updates rolling and stay healthy and happy in life ^__^

Reiki said...

Sam - Well then Sam, yu know what write, i don't >.< Need to work on that.
serena - eek! I'm being stalked! Lol, sure, I'll try to at least stay healthy oe happy. You can't have both sometimes ^_^
Thanks you two & remember to keep it coming! XD

Reiki said...
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